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Kingdom of Paeonia, Northern Greece

Paeonia was independent of Macedonia from 359 to 286 B.C.

Kingdom of Paeonia, Patraos, 335 - 315 B.C.

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SH41263. Silver drachm, SNG Cop 1391, Pozzi 2095-6 var. (monograms), gVF, weight 2.997 g, maximum diameter 14.5 mm, die axis 90o, obverse diademed head of Patraos right; reverse ΠATPAOY, forepart of boar right; choice condition for this scarce type; ex Numismatic Fine Arts, Edward Gans, 10 Rock Lane, Berkeley; from the Dr. J. Hewitt Judd Collection (author of United States Pattern Coins Experimental & Trial Pieces); SOLD

Kingdom of Paeonia, Patraos, 335 - 315 B.C.

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As discussed by Wayne Sayles in "Ancient Coin Collecting III, Numismatic Art of the Greek World," the obverse of this coin is minted in archaizing style, "with the frontal almond eye common to the art of a century earlier." This type was produced with both the archaic eye and the modern profile eye. "The contrast is not one of stylistic transition, but rather of artistic intention. In fact, the archaizing version seems to have been issued toward the end of the series."

Patraos was allied with Macedonia, and Paeonian light-armed cavalry were important in Alexander's campaign. Curiously, the fallen soldier has a Macedonian shield and wears Macedonian armor.
SH76199. Silver tetradrachm, Paeonian Hoard 377 (same rev. die), Weber 2233 (same), SNG Cop 1388 ff. var. (control), AMNG III/2 4 var. (same), SNG ANS 1031 var. (same), VF, well struck and centered on a tight flan, marks, some die wear, tiny edge crack, weight 12.460 g, maximum diameter 25.6 mm, die axis 90o, Astibos or Damastion mint, 335 - 315 B.C.; obverse laureate head of Apollo right, with short hair; reverse ΠATPAOY, armed warrior on horse prancing right, spearing fallen enemy who holds spear and shield, retrograde ME monogram (control) in left field; SOLD

Kingdom of Paeonia, Audoleon, 315 - 285 B.C., In the Types and Name of Alexander the Great

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The Kingdom of Paeonia was a long-time an ally of Macedonia. King Audoleon's son, Ariston, distinguished himself at the battle of Gaugamela. One of Audoleon's daughters married Pyrrhus of Epirus. Audoleon was nearly defeated by the Illyrian Autariatae tribe, but was saved by Cassander. Astibus was probably the Kingdom's capital and mint city.
SH65461. Silver tetradrachm, Price 654, Müller Alexander 1066, gVF, weight 16.917 g, maximum diameter 29.2 mm, die axis 0o, Astibus (or Damastion?) mint, c. 300 - 286 B.C.; obverse head of Herakles right, wearing Nemean lion-scalp headdress tied at the neck; reverse AΛEΞAN∆POY, Zeus seated left, nude to waist, himation around hips and legs, right leg drawn back, eagle in extended right hand, long scepter vertical behind in left hand, HP monogram in left field under arm; SOLD



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