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Carus, early September 282 - c. July or August 283 A.D.

Carus was the Praetorian prefect during the reign of emperor Probus and came to power after the latter's assassination. He was killed by lightning outside Ctesiphon after a successful campaign against the Persian empire. His sons Carinus and Numerian succeeded him.

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RA85559. Billon antoninianus, Hunter IV 7 (also 2nd officina); RIC V-2 29; Bastien Lyon 623 (48 specimen); Cohen VI Carus 18; SRCV III 12394; Pink p. 24, aEF, well centered, excellent portrait, silvering, reverse legend weak, areas of porosity, weight 3.859 g, maximum diameter 21.5 mm, die axis 0o, 2nd officina, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, posthumous, 283 - 285 A.D.; obverse DIVO CARO PIO, radiate head right; reverse CONSECRATIO, eagle standing half left, head right, wings slightly open, II in exergue; $140.00 SALE PRICE $126.00 ON RESERVE

Carus, Early September 282 - c. July or August 283 A.D., Roman Provincial Egypt

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This reverse type is usually found paired with a Carinus obverse.
RX41233. Billon tetradrachm, Apparently unpublished; Dattari -, Geissen -, Kampmann -, Milne -, BMC Alexandria -, SNG Cop -, SNG Hunterian -, Emmett -, VF, weight 8.390 g, maximum diameter 20.3 mm, die axis 0o, Alexandria mint, obverse A K M A KA-POC CEB, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse Athena, helmeted, enthroned left, shield under seat, Nike in right, long scepter in left hand, L - A (year one) across fields; extremely rare; SOLD

Carus, Early September 282 - c. July or August 283 A.D.

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Spes was the Roman personification of Hope. In art, Spes is normally depicted carrying flowers or a cornucopia, but on coins she is almost invariably depicted holding a flower in her extended right hand, while the left is raising a fold of her dress. She was also named "ultima dea" - for Hope is the last resort of men.
SH71605. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 81, Cohen 78, La Venèra 4043, Venèra IV 252 (4 specimens), SRCV III 12180, Choice EF, weight 2.892 g, maximum diameter 22.1 mm, die axis 0o, 2nd officina, Ticinum (Pavia, Italy) mint, c. Mar - Jun 283; obverse IMP C M AVR KARVS P F AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse SPES PVBLICA (the hope of the public), Spes walking left, raising flower in right hand, raising fold of chiton behind with left, SXXI in exergue; rare; SOLD





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