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Otacilia Severa, Augusta February or March 244 - September or October 249 A.D.

Otacilia Severa was the wife of Philip I. Very little is known of her, but it is believed she survived her husband's murder.

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In Roman religion, Concordia was the goddess of agreement, understanding, and marital harmony. The cult of Concordia Augusta ("Majestic Harmony") was of special importance to the imperial household. She is usually depicted wearing a long cloak and holding a patera (sacrificial bowl), a cornucopia (symbol of prosperity), or a caduceus (symbol of peace).
RB68880. Orichalcum sestertius, RIC IV 203a, Cohen 10, SRCV III 9164, Nice gVF, centered, superb as-found green patina, weight 20.216 g, maximum diameter 30.8 mm, die axis 0o, Rome mint, 244 - 249 A.D.; obverse MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, diademed draped bust right; reverse CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia seated left, patera in right, double cornucopia in left, S C in exergue; from the Jyrki Muona Collection; $225.00 (€195.75)

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Pudicitia was the personification of modesty and chastity.
RB30704. Orichalcum sestertius, RIC IV 209a, Cohen 55, VF, weight 16.513 g, maximum diameter 28.7 mm, die axis 0o, Rome mint, 245 A.D.; obverse MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, diademed draped bust right; reverse PVDICITIA AVG S C, Pudicitia seated left, holding scepter, drawing veil from face; $200.00 (€174.00)

Otacilia Severa, Augusta, February 244 - End of September 249 A.D., Zeugma, Commagene, Syria

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A tetrastyle temple is a temple with four columns. A peribolos is a court enclosed by a wall, especially one surrounding an ancient Greek or Roman temple.
GB90700. Bronze AE 29, BMC Galatia p. 128, 34; Butcher 31b; SNG München 435 var (capricorn right); SGICV 4056 var (same); SNG Cop -, Choice VF, perfect centering, weight 18.168 g, maximum diameter 28.8 mm, die axis 180o, Zeugma mint, Feb 244 - end Sep 249 A.D.; obverse MAP ΩTAKIΛ CEOYHPAN CEB, draped bust right, wearing stephane, crescent behind shoulders; reverse ZEYΓM−ATEΩN, tetrastyle temple with peribolos enclosing the sacred grove of trees, statue of seated Zeus within temple, capricorn left in exergue; $150.00 (€130.50)

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Pietas in traditional Latin usage expressed a complex, highly valued Roman virtue; a man or woman with pietas respected his or her responsibilities to the gods, family, other people and entities (such as the state), and understood his or her place in society with respect to others.
RS73597. Silver antoninianus, SRCV III 9158, RIC IV 130, RSC IV 43, Choice VF, excellent portrait, centered, toned, weight 3.923 g, maximum diameter 22.9 mm, die axis 0o, Rome mint, 247 A.D.; obverse OTACIL SEVERA AVG, draped bust right set on crescent; reverse PIETAS AVGVSTAE, Pietas standing left, veiled, extending right hand, box of incense in left; $140.00 (€121.80)

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