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Ancient Coins of Nacrasa, Lydia

The site of Nakrasa has been identified on a hill overseeing the Bakirchay Valley about two miles southeast of Kirkagach, Turkey. Nakrasa was on a major road and was an important fortress for the Kingdom of Pergamon.

Nacrasa, Lydia, c. 138 - 161 A.D.

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The Greeks and Romans did not view snakes as evil creatures but rather as symbols and tools for healing and fertility. Asclepius, the son of Apollo and Koronis, learned the secrets of keeping death at bay after observing one snake bringing another snake healing herbs. Woman seeking fertility, the sick, and the injured slept in his temples in chambers where non-poisonous snakes were left to crawl on the floor and provide healing.
RP84510. Bronze AE 16, RPC III 1812; SNG Cop 295; BMC Lydia p. 166, 7; SNG Munchen 335; SNGvA 3033 var. (magistrate); Imhoof-Blumer Lydien -, aVF/F, well centered, green patina, light corrosion, weight 2.749 g, maximum diameter 15.9 mm, die axis 0o, Nakrasa (near Kirkagach, Turkey) mint, Marcus Junianus strategos, c. 98 - 150 A.D.; obverse EΠI CTPA MAP IOVNIANOV, bearded head of Herakles right; reverse NAKPACITΩN, snake coiled around omphalos, head left; from the Dr. Sam Mansourati Collection; rare; $90.00 SALE PRICE $81.00

Domitia, Augusta, 82 - 96 A.D., Nakrasa, Lydia

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Domitia Longina was the daughter of the famous general Cnaeus Domitius Corbulo and was taken from her husband and married to Domitian in 70 A.D. In 83 A.D., she was exiled for her affair with the actor Paris. Domitian seems to have forgiven her, as ancient sources identify her as a part of the plot that ended the emperor's life. She died in the reign of Trajan or Antoninus Pius.
RP84899. Bronze AE 17, RPC II 935 (3 spec.), SNG Cop 297, SNG Munchen 342; Mionnet IV 507; BMC Lydia -; SNGvA -, F, green patina, porous, light deposits, light corrosion, a little off center, weight 2.662 g, maximum diameter 17.0 mm, die axis 0o, Nakrasa (near Kirkagach, Turkey) mint, 82 - 96 A.D.; obverse ∆OMITIA CEBACTH, draped bust right; reverse NAKPACEITΩN, kithara (lyre); ; very rare; $75.00 SALE PRICE $67.50

Trajan, 25 January 98 - 8 or 9 August 117 A.D., Nakrasa, Lydia

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Anaitis was the name of a Persian goddess who was equated with Artemis and particularly worshiped in Lydia.
RP82027. Bronze AE 20, SNG Keckman II 365 (same dies), RPC III 1798 (1 spec.), BMC Lydia -, Lindgren -, SNGvA -, SNG Cop -, SNG Munchen -, SNG Tub -, aVF, well centered, cleaning scratches, weight 4.585 g, maximum diameter 19.7 mm, die axis 0o, Nakrasa (near Kirkagach, Turkey) mint, obverse AY NEP TPAIANOC, laureate head right; reverse NAKPACITΩN, facing cultus-statue of Artemis Anaitis within tetrastyle temple, shield on pediment; extremely rare; SOLD



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