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Pre-Columbian American Art and Artifacts

Tumaco-La Tolita, Pottery Mold, c. 300 B.C.

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Note: This piece is lighted from below to simulate the effect of a positive cast from the mold.
AE61809. Tumaco-La Tolita, Pottery Mold; 3.8 x 4.7 inches; mold used for producing a full length female figure, great detail, Intact and excellent condition, $280.00 (Ä238.00)

Pre-Columbian, Costa Rica, Tripod Vessel, c. 500 - 1000 A.D.

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"Indigenous societies [of Costa Rica] continue to be a great unknown. The northern zone is almost forgotten. The southern zone is largely unknown when in fact the natives in Talamanca resisted the Spaniards, their tactics and attempts at colonization" -- Costa Rica National Museum director Cristian Kandler.
AH59755. Pre-Columbian, Costa Rica, Tripod Vessel, c. 500 - 1000 A.D., 14 inches high, legs with molded openwork rattling faces, polychrome faces around the rim; repaired with soot deposits attesting use and authenticity; perhaps much nicer and brighter polychrome if professionally cleaned of soot; from a New Jersey collection; SOLD

Narino, Columbia, Capuli Complex, Sea Shell Shaped Potter Ocarina (Flute), 850 - 1500 A.D.

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An ocarina is a wind instrument in the category of vessel flutes.
AE61810. Pottery ocarina, 3.7 inches, Choice, in the form of a sea shell with incised dot and cross designs on a highly burnished gray surface; SOLD


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Pre-Columbian Artifacts