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Roman Provincial Coins from Italy and Sicily

2 Coins From Arpi, Apulia, Italy, c. 275 - 250 B.C.

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Arpi allied with Rome about 320 B.C. after a period of conflict with neighboring settlements. In 216 B.C., Dazo, the ruler of Arpi defected to Hannibal after the battle of Cannae. In 213 B.C. Fabius recovered the area, Dazos was removed, and the city declined under severe treatment from Rome.
GB68166. Bronze Lot, cf. SNG ANS 640 ff., SNG Cop 607 ff., Lindgren 211, HN Italy 645; 18.7 and 20.7 mm diameter, aF, 18.7 and 20.7 mm diameter, Arpi (near Foggia, Italy) mint, c. 275 - 250 B.C.; obverse bull charging; reverse free horse prancing; two coin; $40.00 (€34.00)

Melita (Mdina, Malta), Under Roman Rule, c. 160 - 140 B.C.

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Uncia and quadrans from the same series are list in Calciati under Panormous. Munzen & Medaillen attributed it to Alaisa. RPC says Sardina and even Africa cannot be ruled out.
GB63617. Bronze sextans, RPC I p. 180, 3; Calciati -; SNG ANS -, Fine, weight 4.883 g, maximum diameter 20.7 mm, die axis 0o, Melita(?) mint, obverse laureate head of Apollo (or Isis) left with three curly locks; reverse three heads of grain, Q (quaestor?) above, two pellets left; ex Munzen & Medaillen; extremely rare; SOLD

Melita (Mdina, Malta), Under Roman Rule, c. 180 - 170 B.C.

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The letters aleph, nun, nun, are commonly taken to indicate the Punic and pre-Roman name of Malta, GHONAN, which means ship, an allusion to the fact that the tiny Maltese islands, seen from afar would look like a number of ships in the center of the sea.
GB63618. Bronze triens, Calciati III p. 353, 6; Coleiro 7; SNG Evelpidis 740; SNG Dreer 604; SNG Cop VIII 461, aF, green patina, obverse off center, corrosion, weight 2.610 g, maximum diameter 16.1 mm, die axis 0o, Melita (Mdina, Malta) mint, c. 180 - 170 B.C.; obverse diademed and veiled female head right; reverse tripod lebes with three loop handles and lion paws feet, Phoenician letters aleph nun nun upwards on left and again downward on right; rare; SOLD



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