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Home > Catalog > Roman Coins > The Twelve Caesars > Augustus > SH58610
Augustus, 16 January 27 B.C. - 19 August 14 A.D.
This type has traditionally been attributed to Pergamum, c. 27 - 20 B.C. More recently, it has been suggested that it was struck at Samos, c. 21 - 20 B.C., when the city was Augustus' headquarters during his visit to the East.
SH58610. Silver denarius, RIC I 475, RSC I 28, BMCRE I 662 - 663, BnF I 941, SRCV I 1593, VF, eastern (Pergamum or Samos?) mint, weight 3.659g, maximum diameter 18.1mm, die axis 0o, c. 27 or 21 - 20 B.C.; obverse CAESAR, bare head of Augustus right; reverse AVGVSTVS, bull standing right, head erect; ex ARC Ancient Coins, Switzerland; SOLD

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