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Ancient Coins of Britain

Before the Roman invasion, Britain was populated by Celtic tribes with well-established cultural and economic links with continental Europe. Although Julius Caesar conducted the first Roman campaign in Britain in 55 B.C., the conquest did not begin until A.D. 43, during the reign of Claudius. The British tribes initially opposed the Roman legions, but by 84 the Romans had decisively conquered southern Britain and had pushed into what is now southern Scotland. In 122 they fortified the northern border with Hadrian's Wall, which spanned what is now Northern England. In 142 Roman forces pushed north again and began construction of the Antonine Wall, but they retreated back to Hadrian's Wall after only twenty years. Following the conquest, native Britons were subject to the Roman governors but mostly kept their land, and a distinctive Romano-British culture emerged. The Roman Empire retained control until its departure about A.D. 430.Romanization of Britain

Romano-British Empire, Allectus, Summer 293 - 296 A.D.

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RA73915. Billon quinarius, Hunter IV 63, Burnett Allectus 212, Rogiet Hoard 1035, RIC V 125, Cohen VII 20, SRCV IV 13865, Choice aVF, well centered, green patina, light scratches, earthen deposits, weight 2.758 g, maximum diameter 20.4 mm, die axis 180o, Camulodunum (Colchester, England) mint, 293 - 296/7 A.D.; obverse IMP C ALLECTVS P AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right; reverse LAETITIA AVG (the joy of the Emperor), galley right, no cabin, no waves, QC in exergue; $185.00 (Ä164.65)

Coin Hoards From Roman Britain Volume XI

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The eleventh volume, is dedicated to finds of Roman hoards from the early imperial period (with terminal dates up to AD 235) discovered between 1997 and 2001. The highlight of the volume is the Shapwick Villa (Somerset) hoard of over 9,000 denarii, the largest hoard of its kind from Britain to be fully published. It is complemented by an important essay on hoards of the Severan period from Britain by Richard Abdy and Roger Bland.
BK10551. Coin Hoards From Roman Britain Volume XI edited by Richard Abdy, Ian Leins, and Jonathan Williams, Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication No. 36, 2002, 223 pages, 10 plates, new, shelf-worn; $35.00 (Ä31.15)

Celts, Atrebates and Regni, British Tribes, South of the Thames, c. 50 - 1 B.C.

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At the time of Caesar's invasion of Britain, the Atrebates, "the settlers," covered Sussex, Berkshire, west Surrey, parts of Hampshire, north-east Wiltshire. The Regni, originally Regini, "the stiff ones," occupied Sussex in Roman times.
SH01358. Gold quarter stater, uninscribed Type QC "Remi," Seaby type 48, gVF, weight 1.39 g, maximum diameter 13.0 mm, die axis 180o, obverse extremely stylized head of Zeus or Apollo; reverse horse with sun above, star symbol below and wheel symbol right; a beautiful example of Celtic art; SOLD



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