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Galleys and Other Ships on Ancient Coins

Roman Republic, Anonymous Luceria, 211 - 206 B.C.

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In 321 B.C., the Roman army was deceived into thinking Luceria was under siege by the Samnites. Hurrying to relieve their allies the army walked into an ambush and were defeated at the famous Battle of the Caudine Forks. The Samnites occupied Luceria but were thrown out after a revolt. The city sought Roman protection and in 320 B.C. was granted the status of Colonia Togata, which meant it was ruled by the Roman Senate. In order to strengthen the ties between the two cities, 2,500 Romans moved to Luceria. From then on, Luceria was known as a steadfast supporter of Rome.
RR68176. Bronze uncia, Crawford 97/7c, Sydenham 304, BMCRR Italy 173, 169, SRCV I 1320,, F, some corrosion, weight 5.081 g, maximum diameter 19.7 mm, die axis 90o, Luceria mint, 211 - 206 B.C.; obverse helmeted head of Roma right, pellet (mark of value) behind; reverse ROMA, galley prow right, ROMA above, L and pellet (mark of value) below; $75.00 (Ä65.25)




Schaaff, Ulrich. MŁnzen der rŲmischen Kaiserzeit mit Schiffsdarstellungen im RŲmisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum. (Munich, 2003).

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