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Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria struck coins for provincal Egypt before becoming a regular imperial mint. Alexandria was reopened by the Byzantines 525 - 646 A.D. Dates of Operation: 294 - 421 and 457 - 474 A.D. Mintmarks: AL, ALE, ALEX, SMAL.

Maximian, 286 - 305, 306 - 308, and 310 A.D.

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This coin is universally described with Maximian raising his empty right hand but on all of the five examples known to Forum, including this coin, he holds an olive branch in his right hand and a mappa in his left hand.
RT85653. Billon half follis, RIC VI Alexandria 91b (S) corr. (no olive branch or mappa), SRCV IV 13419, Hunter V -, Cohen VI -, Choice aEF, well centered and struck, edge cracks, weight 3.001 g, maximum diameter 21.7 mm, die axis 0o, 4th officina, Alexandria mint, c. early - mid 308 A.D.; obverse D N MAXIMIANO FELICISS, laureate bust right, wearing imperial mantle, olive branch in right hand, mappa in left hand; reverse PROVIDENTIA DEORVM (foresight of the Gods), Providentia, draped, standing right, extending right hand to Quies; Quies, draped, standing left, holding branch in right hand and leaning on scepter with left hand, ∆ lower center, ALE in exergue; rare; $135.00 (Ä114.75)

Valentinian I, 25 February 364 - 17 November 375 A.D.

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RIC IX Alexandria 3(a) and 5(a) are indistinguishable. RIC IX Alexandria 3(a) is dated 25 Feb 364 - 24 Aug 367. RIC IX Alexandria 5(a) is dated 24 Aug 367 - 17 Nov 375. It is possible that the type was not continued into the later emission. All examples may actually be RIC IX Alexandria 3(a).
RL76371. Billon centenionalis, RIC IX Alexandria 3(a) and 5a, LRBC II 2860 and 2862, Cohen VIII 37, SRCV V 19527, Hunter -, Choice VF, well centered, nice patina, weight 1.870 g, maximum diameter 17.3 mm, die axis 180o, 4th officina, Alexandria mint, 25 Feb 364 - 24 Aug 367 (or until 17 Nov 375); obverse D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE (security of the Republic), Victory walking left, wreath in right hand, palm frond in left hand, ALE∆ in exergue; $36.00 (Ä30.60)

Julia Domna, Augusta 194 - 8 April 217 A.D.

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Bickford-Smith notes this type with the obverse legend IVLIA DOMNA AVG was struck only briefly before the same type with the IVLIA AVGVSTA obverse legend. Bickford-Smith does not does not actually identify a specimen or include an example in the plates. We found only one other example, listed on Coin Project.
SH90485. Silver denarius, Bickford-Smith p. 56, RIC IV -, BMCRE V -, RSC III -, Reka Devnia -, BPM Collection -, CA -, ANS -, WW -, VF, tight oval flan, weight 3.011 g, maximum diameter 19.9 mm, die axis 180o, Alexandria mint, c. Jan 195 A.D.; obverse IVLIA DOMNA AVG, draped bust right; reverse VENVS FELIX (Venus who brings good fortune), Venus standing half-left, apple in right hand, drawing drapery from shoulder with left; extremely rare; SOLD


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