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Arelatum or Constantia (Arles, France)

In 328 Arelatum was renamed Constantia in honor of Constantine II. After Constantine II was killed in 340, the name reverted to Arelate, only to be changed again in 354 to Constantia by Constantius II. It retained that name, although the mintmark 'AR' appeared on some of its coins even in the fifth century. Dates of operation: 313 - 475 A.D. Mintmarks: A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON, KONSTAN.

Licinius I, 11 November 308 - 18 September 324 A.D.

|Licinius| |I|, |Licinius| |I,| |11| |November| |308| |-| |18| |September| |324| |A.D.||centenionalis|
This billon type is c. 2 - 3% silver. The argenteus struck six years earlier with this reverse type was about 25% silver.
RT96492. Billon centenionalis, RIC VII Arles 197 (R4), SRCV IV 15347, Cohen VII 101, F, porous, weight 3.131 g, maximum diameter 18.2 mm, die axis 0o, 1st officina, Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, 319 A.D.; obverse IMP LICINIVS AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust right; reverse IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG (to Jove the protector of the Emperor), Licinius borne aloft by eagle right, wings spread, emperor holds a thunderbolt in right hand and scepter in left, right wing pointed downward, PARL in exergue; $50.00 (€46.00)

Magnentius, 18 January 350 - 10 August 353 A.D.

|Magnentius|, |Magnentius,| |18| |January| |350| |-| |10| |August| |353| |A.D.||heavy| |maiorina|
Constans' cruelty, misrule and homosexuality made himself extremely unpopular. On 18 January 350, the army in Gaul proclaimed Magnentius emperor and Constans was forced to flee to Spain where he was assassinated. Magnentius ruled the Western Roman Empire and was far more tolerant towards Pagans.
RL66892. Billon heavy maiorina, RIC VIII Arles 139 (S), Bastien MM 234, LRBC II 420, SRCV V 18794, Cohen VIII 7, Choice EF, green patina, flat strike areas on reverse, weight 4.039 g, maximum diameter 23.7 mm, die axis 180o, 2nd officina, Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, c. 18 Jan - end 350 A.D.; obverse D N MAGNENTIVS P F AVG, laurel and rosette-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse FELICITAS REIPVBLICE (the good fortune of the Republic), Magnentius standing left half left, bare head left, wearing military garb, long paludamentum hanging behind from shoulders, Victory on globe offering wreath in his right hand, vexillum with annulet design on ensign in left hand, F left, SAR in exergue; scarce; SOLD

Constantine II, 22 May 337 - March or April 340 A.D.

|Constantine| |II|, |Constantine| |II,| |22| |May| |337| |-| |March| |or| |April| |340| |A.D.||centenionalis|
This bust type is not listed in RIC with this reverse. It appears to be a mule struck, probably in error, with an obverse die from 329 A.D. (RIC VII 338) and a reverse die from the previous issue struck in 328 A.D. (RIC VII Arles 322). In 328, the obverse type was laureate, draped and cuirassed. In 329, the campgate was flanked by T - F and usually had two turrets and no doors.
RL86814. Billon centenionalis, An apparently unpublished mule of two very rare (R4) types; RIC VII Arles -, cf. 338 (for obverse, 329 A.D.) / 322 (for reverse, 328 A.D.), Choice gVF, excellent centering on a round flan, dark patina, weight 2.610 g, maximum diameter 19.9 mm, die axis 180o, 3rd officina, Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, as caesar, 329 A.D.; obverse CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate and cuirassed bust left, from the front; reverse VIRTVS CAESS (the valor of the two princes), campgate with five rows, four turrets and open doors, with two panels, each with 2 pellets, star above, top row ornamented with arches and pellets, S - F at sides, TCONST in exergue; ex Zachary "Beast" Beasley Collection of Camp Gates; extremely rare; SOLD



Depeyrot, G. Les émissions monétaires d'Arles (4th -5th Siècles). Moneta 6. (Wetteren, 1996).

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