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Ba'al simply means 'Lord' in Phoenician and was used to describe many local gods. At first the name Ba'al was used by the Jews for their God, but as the struggle between religions developed, the name Ba'al was given up in Judaism. Over time Ba'al became synonymous with Beelzebub.

Soloi, Cilicia, Macedonian Empire, Balakros, Satrap in Cilicia, 333 - 323 B.C.

|Cilicia|, |Soloi,| |Cilicia,| |Macedonian| |Empire,| |Balakros,| |Satrap| |in| |Cilicia,| |333| |-| |323| |B.C.||stater|
Balakros was a bodyguard (somatophylax) for Alexander the Great at the start of Asia campaign. After the Battle of Issus in 333 B.C. he was appointed governor of Cilicia. In 332 B.C. he supported the satraps Antigonus Monophthalmus and Kalas in the subjugation of the rest of Asia Minor. He was killed in battle attempting to subdue Isaurian mountain tribes.
GS97489. Silver stater, Casabonne Cilicien series 2, pl. VIII, 12 (D12/R1); SNG BnF 420; BMC Lycaonia p. 174, 67; Traité II 720; SNGvA -; SNG Levante -, aVF, encrustation, Athena's nose and lips flatly struck, weight 10.688 g, maximum diameter 22.0 mm, die axis 40o, Soloi (11 km west of Mersin, Turkey) mint, 333 - 323 B.C.; obverse Baaltars seated left, holding lotus-tipped scepter in right hand, stalk of grain and bunch of grapes to left, ·I· under seat below strut, B (for Balakros) right; reverse draped bust of Athena facing slightly left, wearing triple-crested helmet and necklace; ex Papillon auction 3 (27 Dec 20), lot 167; $380.00 (€349.60)

Seleukid Kingdom, Seleukos I Nikator, 312 - 281 B.C., Babylonian double shekel

|Seleucid| |Kingdom|, |Seleukid| |Kingdom,| |Seleukos| |I| |Nikator,| |312| |-| |281| |B.C.,| |Babylonian| |double| |shekel||double| |shekel|
This is an excellent example of the type which is often weakly struck and off-center. Fantastic lion. Heavy, very thick flan. Some references refer to this type as a stater.
SH09002. Silver double shekel, Houghton-Lorber I 88.2a, Newell ESM 263, SNG Cop -, gVF, weight 16.94 g, maximum diameter 23.9 mm, die axis 315o, Mesopotamia, Babylon (Hillah, Iraq) mint, c. 311 - 305 B.C.; obverse Ba'al seated left on diphros, holding scepter in right and resting left hand on seat, border of dots; reverse lion walking left on exergual line, horizontal anchor above, border of dots; SOLD

Persian Empire, Mazaios, Satrap of Cilicia, 361 - 334 B.C., Tarsos, Cilicia

|Cilicia|, |Persian| |Empire,| |Mazaios,| |Satrap| |of| |Cilicia,| |361| |-| |334| |B.C.,| |Tarsos,| |Cilicia||stater|
This type is one of our favorites.
SH08014. Silver stater, SNG Levante 106; Casabonne 2C; SNG BnF 350 var. (TN vice NT), gEF, superb nearly mint state, extraordinary sharp and bold strike, slightly irregular flan, weight 10.84 g, maximum diameter 25.1 mm, die axis 45o, Tarsos (Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey) mint, 361 - 334 B.C.; obverse BLTRZ (=Baaltarz) in Aramaic behind, Baal of Tarsos enthroned left, head facing, BLTRZ (Baaltars) in Aramaic (read upward) behind; bunch of grapes, grain ear, and eagle in right hand; lotus headed scepter vertical behind in left hand, Aramaic letters NT lower left and M below throne; reverse lion bringing down bull, attacking with teeth and claws, MZDI (Mazaios) in Aramaic (read right to left) above, Aramaic monogram below; SOLD


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