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Roman Republic, L Cossutius C. f. Sabula, 74 B.C.

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This moneyer was of equestrian rank and is only known from this coin issue. The meaning of the type is unknown.
RR00429. Silver denarius, SRCV I 331, Sydenham 790, Crawford 395/1, RSC I Cossutia 1, aF, weight 3.50 g, maximum diameter 17.7 mm, obverse head of Medusa left, winged and entwined with snakes, SABVLA behind; reverse Bellerophon on Pegasus flying right brandishing spear. L COSSVTI C F below, banker's mark (B) on reverse; SOLD

Lycian League, Lycia, c. 167 - 84 B.C.

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GB17581. Bronze AE 14, quadruple unit, Troxell Lycia, Period 1, p. 18, 1a, VF, weight 4.315 g, maximum diameter 13.7 mm, die axis 0o, Xanthos Valley mint, c. 167 - 84 B.C.; obverse Laureate bearded head of Bellerophon facing; reverse ΛYKIΩN, Chimera to right, ME in exergue; green patina; SOLD

Leukas, Akarnania, Greece, c. 300 B.C.

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GB25150. Bronze AE 17, BMC Thessaly etc. p. 176, 34 ff., F, weight 2.716 g, maximum diameter 16.68 mm, Leukas mint, obverse Bellerophon riding Pegasos right; reverse ΛEYKA, chimera right; ex Boston Museum of Fine Arts; SOLD


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