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Medieval & Modern Gold Coins

Danish West Indies, Christian IX, 1863 - 1906

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Mintage: 121,000.
SH86346. Gold 4 Daler (20 Francs), Krause 72, SchŲn WeltmŁnzkatalog 8, Friedberg 2, Hede 30, Schlumberger Gold 94; reeded edge, UNC, light marks, hairline die crack on the reverse, weight 6.444 g, maximum diameter 21.0 mm, die axis 0o, Copenhagen mint, 1904; obverse CHRISTIAN IX 1904 P - ♥ DANSK VESTINDIEN, bare head left; reverse 20 FRANCS above, 4 DALER and small G.I. in exergue, female seated facing on a Viking ship left loaded with bales, her hair is loose and in waves behind to her waist, she wears an ornate necklace, is nude to her hips, and has drapery over her legs, her bare feet below, she holds a rudder/scepter in her right hand, her left hand rests on a palm tree, three coconuts on the ground below the tree; $1380.00 (Ä1173.00)

France, Charles X, 1824 - 1830

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For most of his life Charles X was known as the Count of Artois (in French, comte d'Artois). An uncle of the uncrowned Louis XVII, and younger brother to reigning kings Louis XVI and Louis XVIII, he supported the latter in exile and eventually succeeded him. His rule of almost six years ended in the July Revolution of 1830, with his abdication and the election of Louis Philippe I as King. Exiled once again, Charles died in 1836 in Gorizia, then part of the Austrian Empire. He was the last of the French rulers from the senior branch of the House of Bourbon.
SH86157. Gold 40 Francs, Gadoury 1105, Friedberg 547, Krause KM 721.1, Schlumberger Gold 170, EF, light bumps and marks; incuse on edge: DOMINE SALVUM FAC REGEM (Lord save the King), weight 12.867 g, maximum diameter 26.1 mm, die axis 180o, Paris (A) mint, 1830; obverse CHARLES X ROI DE FRANCE., bare head right, MICHAUT. (engraver Auguste-Francois Michaut) over italic T below; reverse crowned shield of France, flanked by 40 - F, all surrounded by a laurel wreath formed of two branches tied at the bottom, 1830 below flanked by an anchor on left and A (Paris mintmark) on right; $750.00 (Ä637.50)

Romania, "Three Kings" Gold 20 Lei, 1944

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The former Romanian royal family, a branch of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty, ruled Romania until 1947, when the last king, Michael, was deposed from his throne in a Stalinist take-over and the country became a socialist republic.
SH86344. Gold 20 Lei, Krause M6, Krause 20, Bruce M13, Friedberg 21, Schlumberger Gold 23, EF; edge inscription: NIHIL SINE DEO (Nothing without God), weight 6.590 g, maximum diameter 21.0 mm, die axis 0o, Bucharest mint, 1944; obverse ARDEALUL NOSTRU 1601 1918 1944, jugate busts left of (from left to right) Michael the Brave (1593-1601), Ferdinand I (1914-1927) and Michael I (1927-1930 & 1940-1947); reverse eagle head left, crowned, cross in beak, ROMANIA arcing below, around the county shields of the 11 counties lost by Romania to Hungary in 1940; $450.00 (Ä382.50)

Iran, Lot of 1 Silver and 2 Gold Coins

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Lot includes the following three coins:
- Gold (AV) quarter toman of Ahmad Shah, dated AH 1335.
- Gold (AV) quarter phalavi of Muhammad Reza Shah, dated MS 2535, struck with clashed obverse die.
- Silver (AR) 5000 dinars of Muzzafar al-Din Shah, dated AH 1320, toned.
LT85379. Mixed Lot, Lot of one silver and two gold coins from Iran, the actual coins in the photograph, no tags or flips, bulk lot, as-is, no returns; $440.00 (Ä374.00)


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Medieval & Modern Gold