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Gallic Empire, Postumus, Summer 260 - Spring 269 A.D.

|Postumus|, |Gallic| |Empire,| |Postumus,| |Summer| |260| |-| |Spring| |269| |A.D.||double| |sestertius|
The radiate crown indicates the double denomination. The weights are sometimes no heavier than sestertii of the period, and they are frequently overstruck on coins of the first and second century emperors. Authorities do not agree on the mint. Also, there are also many imitatives or counterfeits, some of which are very crude style, carelessly struck, or both.
RA93326. Orichalcum double sestertius, RIC V-2 169, SRCV III 11065, Cohen VI 380, Hunter IV - (p. xcii), F, well centered on a tight flan, brown patina, weight 16.714 g, maximum diameter 30.7 mm, die axis 165o, uncertain (Cologne?) mint, c. 260 - 268 A.D.; obverse IMP C M CASS LAT POSTVMVS P F AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse VICTORIA AVG, Victory advancing left, wreath in right hand, palm frond in left hand, captive seated left at feet on left with hands bound behind, S C in exergue; from the Errett Bishop Collection; $180.00 (€165.60)

Gallienus, August 253 - September 268 A.D.

|Gallienus|, |Gallienus,| |August| |253| |-| |September| |268| |A.D.||antoninianus|
In 257 A.D. the Franks invaded Gaul, reaching as far as Spain, where they destroyed Terraco (Tarragona). Also, the Alamanii invaded Italy, but Gallienus defeated them near Milan. In 258, Gallienus created a permanent mobile army from a number of cavalry vexillations to act as a standing reserve force.
RA94178. Silver antoninianus, Göbl MIR 893h, Hunter V J56, SRCV III 10378, RIC V-1 J44 (Lugdunum), RSC IV 1060 (Lugdunum), aVF, toned, flow lines, ragged irregularly shaped flan, scratches, struck with a worn reverse die, weight 1.985 g, maximum diameter 23.8 mm, die axis 0o, Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne, Germany) mint, 257 - 258 A.D.; obverse GALLIENVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder; reverse VICT GERMANICA (victory over the Germans), Victory walking left trampling seated German captive, wreath in extended right hand, palm frond in left hand, captive seated left with hands tied behind back; $60.00 (€55.20)

Augustus, 16 January 27 B.C. - 19 August 14 A.D.

|Augustus|, |Augustus,| |16| |January| |27| |B.C.| |-| |19| |August| |14| |A.D.||denarius|
Wilhelm Müseler suggests that this issue is commemorative of the victory by Tiberius and Drusus over the Helvetians in 14 B.C.
SH67604. Silver denarius, RIC I 416, BMCRE I 127, RSC I 383, SRCV I 1615, EF, graffito on obverse, blue-grey toning, superb portrait, weight 3.833 g, maximum diameter 19.7 mm, die axis 315o, Rome mint, moneyer L. Caninius Gallus, 12 B.C.; obverse AVGVSTVS, bare head right; reverse L CANNINIVS GALLLVS III VIR, German with long hair and beard, naked except for cloak over shoulders, kneeling right, offering vexillum; ex UBS Gold & Numismatics, auction 78, 1355; ex Tinchant; SOLD


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