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Richard Pearlman Collection

Richard Pearlman is an ancient coin specialist dealer with a great eye for selecting beautiful coins at great prices. He frequently participates in coin shows across the U.S. We are pleased Mr. Pearlman has selected Forum Ancient Coins to provide his online presence by offering a selection from his collection here. The pieces offered on this page will change frequently. We hope you check it regularly or click the notify button just above on the right to be informed by email when Mr. Pearlman adds coins here.

Roman Egypt, Terracotta Bulla Seal, c. 150 - 250 A.D.

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A bulla (plural, Bullae), is a lump of clay or lead molded around a cord and stamped with a seal that identifies the sender. With a bulla in place a container cannot be violated without visible damage to either the bulla or the cord, thereby ensuring the contents remain tamper-proof until they reach their destination.
AS46909. Roman Egypt, Terracotta bulla seal, weight 1.489 g, maximum diameter 18.7 mm, c. 150 - 250 A.D.; SOLD

Nero, 13 October 54 - 9 June 68 A.D.

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Jupiter or Jove, Zeus to the Greeks, was the king of the gods and god of the sky and thunder, and of laws and social order. As the patron deity of ancient Rome, he was the chief god of the Capitoline Triad, with his sister and wife Juno. The father of Mars, he is, therefore, the grandfather of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome.
SH46904. Silver denarius, RIC I 69, BMCRE I 80, RSC II 123, SRCV I 1943, Choice aVF, weight 3.318 g, maximum diameter 19.1 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 67 - 68 A.D.; obverse IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P P, laureate head right; reverse IVPPITER CVSTOS (Jupiter the Preserver), Jupiter seated left, bare to the waist, thunderbolt in right hand, long scepter vertical behind in left hand; full legends, strong (John Belushi-ish) portrait; rare; SOLD

Faustina Junior, Augusta 146 - Winter 175/176 A.D., Wife of Marcus Aurelius

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"Saeculi Felicitas" means happy times, referring to the empire's new heirs. The two infants are the twin sons of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina Junior, Commodus and Antoninus, born 31 August 161, at Lanuvium, near Rome. Antoninus died at age four. Commodus succeeded Marcus Aurelius as emperor.
SH54388. Silver denarius, RIC III MA712; RSC II 191; BMCRE IV MA139; Hunter II p. 352, 16; SRCV II 5260, about Mint State, weight 3.468 g, maximum diameter 17.4 mm, die axis 0o, Rome mint, struck under Marcus Aurelius, 161 A.D.; obverse FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, diademed and draped bust right; reverse SAECVLI FELICIT, two infant boys seated facing on a draped throne; SOLD


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Pearlman Collection