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Roman, Glass Test-Tube Unguentarium, 1st - Early 2nd Century A.D.
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Roman, Glass Test-Tube Unguentarium, 1st - Early 2nd Century A.D.
This type of simple tubular unguentarium is was produced mostly in the first century. They replaced earlier terracotta bottles of the same shape.

The iridescent surface of some ancient glass, such as on this piece, is caused by interference effects of light reflected from several layers of weathering. The weathering resulted from chemical reactions between the glass and is environment over many centuries.
AB29972. Test-tube unguentarium; Isings form 27, cf. Ontario Museum 235, Corning Museum of Glass I 230, Yale Gallery 79; 12.5 cm (4 7/8"), Choice, free-blown, aquamarine, near-tubular shape, widening near the mouth and bottom, flattened base, folded and flattened rim; weathering, encrustations, bubbles; SOLD

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