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Hera or Juno

Queen of the Gods, and the goddess of marriage and motherhood. Symbols are the peacock and the cow. Daughter of Kronus and Rhea. Wife and sister of Zeus.

Amisos, Pontos, 300 - 125 B.C.

|Pontos|, |Amisos,| |Pontos,| |300| |-| |125| |B.C.||reduced| |siglos|
Amisos was settled c. 760 - 750 B.C. by people from Miletus, who established a flourishing trade relationship with the ancient peoples of Anatolia. Amisos came under the rule of the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great's Macedonian Empire, and then the Kingdom of Pontus. The Romans took control in 47 B.C. and Amisos remained within the Byzantine Empire after the fall of Rome. In 1200, the city was captured by the Seljuks, to be later taken over by the Ilhanlilar. Amisos today is Samsun, a city of about half a million people on the north coast of Turkey.
GB93482. Silver reduced siglos, SNG Stancomb 663 var. (different monogram), SNG BM 1113 var. (same), SNGvA 50 var. (same), HGC 7 233 (R1), SNG Cop -, VF/F, well centered, light porosity, weight 3.428 g, maximum diameter 15.9 mm, die axis 0o, Amisos (Samsun, Turkey) mint, magistrate At..., 300 - 125 B.C.; obverse draped bust of Hera-Tyche right, wearing low turreted stephanos; reverse owl standing facing on shield, wings open, ATI(?) monogram under left wing; from the Errett Bishop Collection; $120.00 (110.40)

Faustina Sr., Augusta 25 February 138 - Early 141, Wife of Antoninus Pius

|Faustina| |Sr.|, |Faustina| |Sr.,| |Augusta| |25| |February| |138| |-| |Early| |141,| |Wife| |of| |Antoninus| |Pius||denarius|
Juno was the chief female divinity in the Roman pantheon. She was the wife of Jupiter and a member of the Capitoline Triad. She had many different aspects, such as Juno Moneta, Juno Sospita, and Juno Lucina, but here she is depicted as Juno Regina, "Juno the Queen." Juno is usually shown holding a patera, scepter or a statuette of Athena, and is often accompanied by a peacock.
RS94560. Silver denarius, RIC III AP363, RSC II 120, BMCRE IV 428, SRCV II 4585, Hunter II 37, F, tight flan, marks, weight 2.617 g, maximum diameter 16.3 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, posthumous, 141 - 161 A.D.; obverse DIVA FAVSTINA, draped bust right, hair elaborately waived and banded, drawn up at the back and piled in a round coil at top; reverse AVGVSTA, Juno seated right, veiled, transverse scepter in left hand; from the Ray Nouri Collection; $60.00 (55.20)

Roman Republic, L. Papius, 79 B.C.

|99-50| |B.C.|, |Roman| |Republic,| |L.| |Papius,| |79| |B.C.||denarius| |serratus|
The most beautiful example of this type we have seen, both in-hand and in photographs.
SH13729. Silver denarius serratus, BMCRR 3078, SRCV I 311, Sydenham 773, Crawford 384/1, RSC I Papia 1, gem EF, weight 3.883 g, maximum diameter 19.3 mm, die axis 135o, Rome mint, obverse head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goat's skin, thyrsus (control symbol) behind, bead and reel border; reverse Gryphon leaping right, ivy branch below (control symbol), L PAPI in exergue, bead and reel border; particularly fine style, superb strike, preservation, and toning; SOLD


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