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Roman Coins from the Year of Five Emperors

Clodius Albinus, Late 195 or Early 196 - 19 February 197 A.D.

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The Historia Augusta says of Clodius Albinus, "He was tall of stature, with unkempt curly hair and a broad expanse of brow. His skin was wonderfully white; many indeed think it was from this that he got his name. He had a womanish voice, almost as shrill as a eunuch's. He was easily roused, his anger was terrible, his rage relentless. In his pleasures he was changeable, for he sometimes craved wine and sometimes abstained. He had a thorough knowledge of arms and was not ineptly called the Catiline of his age."
RS87921. Silver denarius, RIC III 20b (R) var.; Hunter III 26 var.; BMCRE IV 284 var., RSC III 24 var., SRCV II 6166 var. (all var. none with slight drapery), gVF, iridescent toning, off center, scratches and marks, edge cracks, weight 2.701 g, maximum diameter 18.7 mm, die axis 180o, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, issued as Augustus; obverse IMP CAES D CLO SEP ALB AVG, laureate bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder; reverse FIDES LEGION COS II, clasped hands, holding aquila (legionary standard topped with an eagle standing on thunderbolt above wreath); rare; $450.00 (Ä382.50)

Clodius Albinus, Late 195 or Early 196 - 19 February 197 A.D.

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Minerva, equated with the Greek Athena, was the Roman virgin warrior goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music. She was worshiped on the Capitoline Hill as one of the Capitoline Triad along with Jupiter and Juno.
RS87640. Silver denarius, RIC IV 7 (R1), BMCRE V 98, Hunter III 6, RSC III 48, SRCV II 6144, gVF, nice portrait, well centered on a tight flan, light toning, flow lines, small edge crack, weight 3.497 g, maximum diameter 18.1 mm, die axis 135o, Rome mint, as caesar, 194 A.D.; obverse D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head right; reverse MINER PACIF COS II, Minerva, helmeted, standing left, olive branch in right hand, resting left on grounded shield, spear leans against arm; scarce (R1); $440.00 (Ä374.00)

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Year of 5 Emperors