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Flowers on Ancient Coins
Judaean Kingdom, John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan), 134 - 104 B.C., for the Seleukid King Antiochus VII

|John| |Hyrcanus| |I|, |Judaean| |Kingdom,| |John| |Hyrcanus| |I| |(Yehohanan),| |134| |-| |104| |B.C.,| |for| |the| |Seleukid| |King| |Antiochus| |VII||AE| |16|
Hendin lists four varieties of this type AΠP (year 181) below (Hendin 1131), AΠP (year 181) beside the anchor on left (Hendin 1131a), BΠP (year 182) below (Hendin 1131b), and BΠP (year 182) beside the anchor on left (Hendin 1131c). Houghton and Lorber list a variety without a date (Houghton-Lorber 2123), but the date is probably just off flan, as on this example.
JD97438. Bronze AE 16, Houghton-Lorber II 2123, Hendin 1131, SGCV II 7101, HGC 9 1103, Meshorer TJC p. 30, VF, green patina, porosity/corrosion, earthen encrustations, obverse edge beveled, weight 2.871 g, maximum diameter 15.5 mm, die axis 180o, Jerusalem mint, 132 - 130 B.C.; obverse lily on stem with two leaves, dot border; reverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY EYEPΓETOY (Greek: of King Antiochus, Benefactor), anchor, upside down, AΠP or BΠP (Greek: year 181 or 182 of the Seleucid Era) below; $140.00 (128.80)

Quietus, Fall or Winter 260 - Late 261 A.D.

|Quietus|, |Quietus,| |Fall| |or| |Winter| |260| |-| |Late| |261| |A.D.||antoninianus|
Spes was the Roman personification of Hope. In art Spes is normally depicted carrying flowers or a cornucopia, but on coins she is almost invariably depicted holding a flower in her extended right hand, while the left is raising a fold of her dress. She was also named "ultima dea" - for Hope is the last resort of men. On this coin Quietus is identified as the hope of the Roman people.
SH26605. Billon antoninianus, Gbl MIR 1743p, RSC IV 14, RIC V-2 11, SRCV III 10831, Hunter IV 5 var. (star left), aEF, most silvering intact, full circle centering, large flan, flat strike areas, weight 3.227 g, maximum diameter 24.5 mm, die axis 0o, uncertain Syrian mint, obverse IMP C FVL QVIETVS P F AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse SPES PVBLICA (the hope of the public), Spes walking left, flower in right, with left raising fold of dress; rare; SOLD

Rhodos, Carian Islands, 230 - 205 B.C.

|Rhodos|, |Rhodos,| |Carian| |Islands,| |230| |-| |205| |B.C.||drachm|
Keckman lists two drachms with the magistrate's name EYKPATHΣ and a tripod control symbol. One type is a full weight drachm; the second, this type, is a reduced weight drachm.
GS75208. Silver drachm, reduced weight standard; Ashton Rhodes 225; SNG Keckman 560; BMC Caria, p. 246, 175; SNGvA 2814, SNG Tb 3581; SNG Cop -, aEF, attractive style, porous areas, weight 2.692 g, maximum diameter 14.5 mm, die axis 0o, northern or central Greece mint, magistrate Eukrates, c. 230 - 205 B.C.; obverse head of Helios facing slightly right, not radiate; reverse EYKPATHΣ, rose with bud on right, tripod lebes (control symbol) lower left, P-O flanking stem; SOLD


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