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Terracotta Antiquities

Mesopotamia, Terracotta Plaque Bearded Male Figure (Monarch?), c. 3200 - 1900 B.C.

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AE63809. Terracotta plaque; 13.4mm (5 1/4") tall, mold made terracotta plaque of a bearded male figure with cap headdress, holding mace, orange clay with traces of white slip; from a Florida dealer; $300.00 (Ä267.00)

Indus Valley, Terracotta Mother Goddess Bust, 3rd Millennium B.C.

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Fertility cults were common in the prehistoric cultures of the Indus Valley and the adjacent regions. Invariably female figurines were involved, which are commonly referred to as Mother Goddesses. Female figurines made in terracotta have been found in a large number sites including Nausharo in the Kacchi Plains of Eastern Baluchistan, Nindowari in the Baluchistan Highlands, and Moenjodaro and Harappa in the Indus River Valley.
AE61831. Mother goddess bust, fragment from full figure, $160.00 (Ä142.40)

Byzantine, Syro-Palestinian, Terracotta Oil Lamp, 7th - 8th Century A.D.

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This rare type is similar to flat-topped round Byzantine lamps discovered in Jerash, bearing Arabic inscriptions with dates from the eighth century, the name of the potter, and Jerash as the place of manufacture (Schloessinger 578 and 579). Those lamps are clearly different, but the similarity may indicate the date of our lamp. Perhaps the Tel Aviv source points to a Palestina Prima origin.
AG63808. Terracotta lamp; cf. Anawati C250 (rounder, also with arc and pellet ornamentation, but arcs from both mouth and shoulder); 8.3 cm long, Good condition, two cracks radiating from spout, soot on nozzle, mold-made, ovoid shape, convex nearly flat diskus ornamented with pellets within arcs from shoulder, knife-pared conical handle, raised rim around filling hole, raised rim at shoulder to from handle to nozzle, convex side above sharp carination, flat bottom with ring base; from a Florida dealer, purchased in Tel Aviv in 1971; $150.00 (Ä133.50)

Egyptian, Terracotta Male Head Wearing Bag Wig, 600 - 400 B.C.

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From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years.
AT34449. 4 cm (1 1/2") high, Choice, unmounted; $135.00 (Ä120.15)


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