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Cuneiform Tablets and Other Ancient Writing

Writings of Mankind, Alex G. Malloy Auction XVII, Spring 1990

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Includes objects in the following categories: Cuneiform, Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Aramaic, Edessan Syriac, Greek, Islamic (Arabic), Dravadian, Classical Latin, Late Latin, English, American Colonial, French, German, and Russian.
BL00008. Writings of Mankind 1990, Alex G. Malloy Auction XVII, spring 1990, 123 lots, 68 pages, 40 plates; $4.00 (3.40)

Inscriptions From the Athenian Agora

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Many types of written records are found in the Agora, and this booklet presents a sample of the more than 10,000 inventoried inscriptions written on stone. The texts illustrated include diplomatic agreements, commemorative plaques for athletic victories, records of court judgements, boundary stones identifying different buildings, and fragmentary inscriptions featuring names (over 30,000 individual Athenians are now recorded). Description from The American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
BL65490. Inscriptions From the Athenian Agora by Benjamin D. Meritt, American School of Classical Studies At Athens, Agora Picture Book 10, 1966, 32 pages; $2.00 (1.70)

Neo-Sumerian Empire (UR III), Mesopotamia, Cuneiform Clay Tablet, 2113 - 2006 B.C.

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Used to account for the transfer of beer, bread, fish, oil, spice and onions for the Shueshtar, the "official."
AS48861. cuneiform tablet; 25 mm X 23 mm, Superb, obverse 1 (sila) of "dida"-beer, 2 sila of fine beer, 10 (sila) of bread, 2 shekels of oil, 2 shekels of spice, 3 fish, 3 braids of onions for Shuestar, the "official"; reverse on the fourteenth day of the second month; ex Alex G. Malloy Sale 11/99, #1038; SOLD


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