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Greek Antiquities

Hellenistic Greek, Bronze Relief Ring Fragment, Eastern Mediterranean, 3rd - 1st Century B.C.

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This bronze ring fragment is very similar to the referenced ring fragment in the British Museum (click here to see it online).
AS84167. cf. BM Collection 1917.0501.1267 (very similar ring fragment), bezel complete, 22.1 x 16.1, obverse high relief portrait of a woman facing left, draped and wearing her hair in a bun at the back (perhaps a Ptolemaic queen, either Berenike II or Arsinoe II); $320.00 (Ä272.00)

100 Greatest Ancient Coins

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The coins covered range from the first typeless electrum struck in Asia Minor in the 7th Century B.C. to the desparate silver issues of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI, in 1453. Coins of major rarity are discussed as well as common issues that had a strong social, political or economic impact on their time. This is one of the few books that covers the entire time frame of ancient numismatics. While it is a useful book for beginners, it is also worthwhile for experienced numismatists.
BK43232. 100 Greatest Ancient Coins by Harlan J. Berk, 1st edition, 2008, coffee-table-size, 144 pages, full color, with outstanding photographs and engaging stories for every coin; $24.95 (Ä21.21)

Greek & Roman Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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BL43196. Greek & Roman Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, a small booklet with over 40 black and white photographs and descriptions of superb pieces from the museum collection; perfect for throne room reading; $2.00 (Ä1.70)



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Greek Antiquities