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The Alex G. Malloy Crusader Coin Collection

We are pleased to offer the Alex G. Malloy Collection of Crusader Coins, assembled over a 40 year period during which Mr. Malloy was a premier dealer (now retired but a Forum staff consultant), collector and author in the field of crusader numismatics. Alex G. Malloy, Irene Preston and Arthur Seltman coauthored "Coins of the Crusader States", an excellent one-volume compendium of all known Crusader types, and an important standard references for crusader coins. Many of the coins listed here are ex Seltman and other important collections, in addition to coming to us from the Malloy collection. Rarely are so many crusader coins, with a wide spectrum of types and great rarities offered. This is perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime to acquire some superb examples for your collection or to begin a new exceptional collection of crusader coins.

Crusaders, Principality of Antioch, Bohemond III, 1163 - 1201

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Cover Coin - book cover coin for Malloy, Preston and Seltman's "Coins of the Crusader States."

From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer for 40 years. Ex A.J. Seltman Collection.

crusader book
SH45453. Billon denier, Malloy Crusaders 53b (book cover coin), Choice EF, weight 0.994 g, maximum diameter 17.3 mm, die axis 135o, obverse + BOAMVNDVS, elongated bearded head right wearing helmet and chain-mail, crescent left, star right, A ornamented with pellets; reverse + AMTIOCNIA (sic), cross pattée, crescent in upper right angle, A's ornamented with pellets; buyer will receive a free copy of "Coins of the Crusader States" signed by Alex Malloy; scarce; SOLD

Crusaders, Kingdom of Cyprus, John II, 1432 - 1458

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From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer for 40 years and co-author of "Coins of the Crusader States." Ex Sotheby's auction 10-14-99. Ex John J. Slocum Collection. Mr. Slocum was in the American diplomatic service in the Holy Land where he collected rare and unique coins in the early 1960's.
CR31991. Billon gros, Malloy Crusaders, type 10, 136 var. (no depression at center, legend ends PR), aEF, weight 3.885 g, maximum diameter 26.7 mm, die axis 225o, obverse + IOAn REX D, king seated on curule chair, foreparts of lions at sides, cloak open, cruciform scepter in right, orb in left, cauldron left, triple pellet after X, double pellet after D; reverse + IERUSAIm E D ChIPRE, Jerusalem cross, small depression at center, triple pellet legend breaks; SOLD

Crusaders, Principality of Antioch, Late Anonymous, 1250 - 1268

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This is the line drawing coin in Malloy, Preston and Seltman's "Coins of the Crusader States."

From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer for 40 years.

Antioch existed for over 1500 years, it was one of the three most important cities in the ancient world, and in the 1st century had a population of 500,000 (not counting women and slaves). On 18 May 1268, Antioch surrendered to Baibars on the condition that the lives of the citizens would be spared. As soon as his troops were within the gates, Baibars ordered the gates shut and brutally massacred everyone in the city. Lamenting that Antioch's ruler had not been present either for the siege or the ransacking and murder, Baibars wrote a detailed letter describing exactly what had been done, concluding with the phrase, "Had you been there, you would have wished you had never been born."

Historically of great importance, this coin was minted in the last throngs of the city of Antioch as it was dying.

CR31585. Bronze AE 15, Malloy Crusaders 132 (this coin), VF, weight 0.986 g, maximum diameter 17.6 mm, die axis 225o, obverse A/N-T/I clockwise in the angles of a long cross pattée; reverse ANTI counterclockwise in the angles of a long cross pattée; extremely rare; SOLD


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