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Hercules (Herakles)

Selge, Pisidia, c. 2nd - 1st Century B.C.

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Selge, Pisidia on the southern slope of Mount Taurus where the river Eurymedon (Köprücay) forces its way through the mountains, was once the most powerful and populous city of Pisidia. Protected by precipices, torrents, and an army of 20,000 regarded as worthy kinsmen of the Spartans, Selge was never subject to a foreign power until Rome. In the 5th century A.D. Zosimus calls it a little town, but it was still strong enough to repel a body of Goths.
GB62876. Bronze AE 13, BMC Lycia p. 261, 43; SNG BnF 1963 ff.; SNGvA 5287; SNG Cop -, GF, weight 2.820 g, maximum diameter 14.5 mm, die axis 0o, Selge mint, obverse bearded head of Herakles facing slightly right, wreathed in styrax, Nemean Lion skin tied around neck, club in right behind head and appearing over left shoulder; reverse ΣE−Λ/K, stag laying right, head left; $36.00 (€32.04)

Macedonian Kingdom, Alexander IV, c. 323 - 311 B.C.

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Struck during the reign the child king Alexander IV, Alexander's son with the Bactrian princess Roxana. He and Philip III, Alexander's brother, were made joint kings by Alexander's generals who intended to use them as pawns. Philip III was imprisoned upon his return to Macedonia, and was executed in 317 B.C. under orders from Olympias. Alexander IV and his mother Roxana were executed by his regent, Kassander, in 311 B.C.
GB76480. Bronze unit, Price 2806, SNG Cop 1132, SNG Alpha Bank 849, Müller Alexander -, Lindgren -, VF, green patina, well centered, a little rough, weight 2.864 g, maximum diameter 15.3 mm, die axis 0o, Western Anatolia mint, c. 323 - 311 B.C.; obverse Macedonian shield with five double crescents and five groups of pellets around, bust of Herakles at center, facing slightly right, wearing Nemean lion skin tied at neck; reverse crested Macedonian officer's helmet, flanked by B - A (BASILEWS ALEXANDROU, King Alexander), stalk of grain (control symbol) lower left; $26.50 (€23.58)




Stoll, R. Herakles auf römischen Münzen. (Trier, 1999).
Voegtli, H. Bilder der Heldenepen in der kaiserzeitlichen griechischen Munzprägung. (Aesch, 1977).

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