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Asian Gold Coins

India, Tribal Issue, Sarabhapuriyas of Mahakosala (Chhattisgarh), Prasannamatra, c. 525 - 550 A.D.

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Bracteates (a type of coin, not a denomination) were also minted in medieval Europe. They were made with very thin metal and were apparently made using a single die with the flan placed on a leather covered block, thus giving an intaglio reverse.
SH12098. Gold bracteate 12 rattis, Mitchiner ATEC 5207; cf. Baldwin 37 (4 May 2004), lot 1344; Mitchiner NI -, VF, weight 1.222 g, maximum diameter 17.6 mm, obverse uniface coin with Garuda bird flanked by discus and conch, Brahmi legend and jar below; extremely rare; SOLD

India, Gahadavalas of Kanauj, Govindachandra, c. 1114 - 1154 A.D.

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SH15703. Gold dinar, Deyell 147; MNI 490-496, VF, weight 3.997 g, maximum diameter 20.6 mm, die axis 180o, obverse goddess Lakshmi seated facing; reverse Devanagari legend, lotus below right; SOLD

India, Cholas, Rajaraja Chola, 985 - 1014 A.D.

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Rajaraja seized the Karnataka region from the Gangas, and also invaded Sri Lanka in 1001.
IS48929. Gold fanam, Mitchiner NI 726 - 728, VF, weight 0.438 g, maximum diameter 8.28 mm, obverse tiger seated upright right on left, two fish upright on right, umbrella above, bow far left; reverse "Yuddha Malla" in Nagari; SOLD

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Asian Gold Coins