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Sasanian Empire, Khusro II, 590 - 628 A.D.
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Sasanian Empire, Khusro II, 590 - 628 A.D.
Mitchiner identifies this mint as DR, Darabgard, Pars.AW46247. Silver drachm, Göbl SN II/3, VF, DL (uncertain city) mint, weight 4.080g, maximum diameter 29.5mm, die axis 270o, year 16, 605 - 606 A.D.; obverse Pahlavi legend: Khusro may his glory increase, king bust right surrounded by two rims, three crescents with star outside; reverse two attendants at both sides of the fire altar, regnal year numeral left, mint signature right, all surrounded by three rims, four crescents and stars outside; SOLD

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