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Other Ancient Coins, Artifacts, and History Books

For orders of three or more books, our shipping charge is only the actual cost of Priority Mail (usually lower than the amount shown in checkout, sometimes much lower). Order with reserve if you want to know the total before confirming the order. If you use a credit card, we will let you know the actual total before we charge your card. If you pay with PayPal, we will refund any overpayment or send a PayPal invoice for any amount due.

All books are new and the latest reprint unless otherwise noted. All used books are worn working copies unless otherwise noted.

Studies in Ancient Coinage in Honour of Andrew Burnett

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A volume of essays by the teachers, colleagues and friends of Andrew Burnett. Articles include the following: - Johan van Heesch and Fran Stroobants, The silver coinage of Sagalassos in Pisidia
- Giovanni Gorini, A new hoard of Romano-Campanian coins from Nora (Sardinia)
- Michael Crawford, The coinage of the Mamertini
- Pere Pau Ripollès and Richard Witschonke, The unofficial Roman Republican semisses struck in Spain
- Ian Leins, Anarevito: Political fluidity in southern Britain in the late Iron Age
- Michel Amandry, Une mystérieuse émission provinciale tibérienne frappée en Asie Mineure
- Chris Howgego, The circulation of the gold coinage of Vespasian struck in the East
- William E. Metcalf, A new Vespasianic mint?
- Richard Abdy, Capita aut capita? The double heads (and double tails) coins of Hadrian
- Richard Reece, Coins and sites: cautionary tales from Time Team
- Roger Bland, Roman contacts with Ireland in the light of the coins from Drumanagh
- Kevin Butcher, Debasement and the decline of Rome
- Dario Calomino, From Thrace to Lesbos. Coinage and cities across the Hellespont in the 3rd century AD
- Jerome Mairat and Antony Hostein, Les monnaies d’Alexandrie de Troade au milieu du IIIe siècle: liaisons de coins indédites
- Alexander Bursche und Kirill Myzgin, Gold coins, Alexandria Troas and Goths
- Sylviane Estiot, L’Empereur et l’usurpateur: un 4e atelier oriental sous Probus
- Sam Moorhead, A dated coin of Allectus; Edward Besly, Allectus and his money
- Francois de Callatay, Sir Andrew Fountaine (1676-1753) and his early numismatic correspondence with Andreas Morell (1646-1703)
BK12705. Studies in Ancient Coinage in Honour of Andrew Burnett edited by Roger Bland and Dario Calomino, London, 2015, 316 pages, hardcover, one copy available; $117.00 (€99.45)

Islamic Mints, Volumes 1 - 3

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A corpus in three volumes covering about 1845 mint names, mint inscriptions, minting years of gold, silver and copper issues; (also ephemeral mints that seem to exist but actually do not), an index of Islamic Dynasties, another of Islamic States. "For those with a serious commitment to Islamic coin collecting or numismatics, with money to spare for the price, and a sturdy bookshelf with at least one foot vertical clearance, this set is essential. I'm glad to have a copy and expect to use it often." -- Michael L. Bates, Curator Emeritus of Islamic Coins, American Numismatic Society, from posting in Islamic Numismatics Group, 2/11/09
BK13700. Islamic Mints, Volumes 1-3 by Omer Diler, Spink 2009, In Turkish and English, 1793 pages, 8 color maps, softcover, international shipping at the actual cost of postage; $300.00 (€255.00)

Nomisma VI - X: Untersuchungen Auf Dem Gerbiete Der Antiken Munzkunde

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Nomisma: Investigations In The Field of Ancient Numismatics
BK65057. Nomisma VI - X: Untersuchungen Auf Dem Gerbiete Der Antiken Munzkunde by Hans Von Fritze & Hugo Gaebler, Arnaldo Forni Editore, 2002, over 20 pages of plates, paperback, only one copy available; $140.00 (€119.00)

George Frederick Kolbe, Fine Numismatic Books, 4 Auction Catalogs: The Harry W. Bass Jr. Numismatic Library

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Four part auction of the numismatic library of Harry W. Bass, Jr., from 1998 to 2000.
BC15044. George Frederick Kolbe, Fine Numismatic Books, Set of 4 Auction Catalogs: The Harry W. Bass Jr. Numismatic Library, all four catalogs, 632 pages total, 2,398 books, many photographs; $90.00 (€76.50)

Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan & Peace Dollars, 4th Edition

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The definitive and most comprehensive reference available on all varieties of Morgan and Peace dollars; known as the VAM book.
BK50710. Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan & Peace Dollars, 4th Edition by Leroy C Van Allen, George A Mallis, paperback, 8.5x11 inches, 507 pages, published in 1998; $50.00 (€42.50)

Athens Byzantine Museum Apollo Editions

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Icons. From the library of Alex Malloy. Beautifully illustrated.
BK14679. Athens, Byzantine Museum by ManoleÌs ChatzeÌdakeÌs, 1975, 78 pages, color illustrations, paperback, binding undone; $50.00 (€42.50)

New Evidence for Sasanian Numismatics: The Collection of Ahmad Saeedi

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One of the most important collections of Sasanian coinage to be published in recent decades, particularly of the gold denominations. Essential for the Sasanian numismatist.
BK43213. New Evidence for Sasanian Numismatics: The Collection of Ahmad Saeedi by Rika Gyselen, 2004, extract from Contributions a l'histoire et la geographie historique de l'empire sassanide, hardbound, 144 pages including 32 plates; $45.00 (€38.25)

Papal Coins

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Papal Coins is the first complete one volume catalogue of the circulating coinage of the Popes. Incorporating recent scholarship and discoveries, such as the Tiber Hoard, it spans over1,200 years of Papal coinage, both in Italy and at Avignon. Each listing is described, along with a complete transcription of legends found in their most complete forms. All entries are cross referenced to authoritative sources and collections, including the Vatican coin cabinet. Valuations are assigned to the over 3,500 known types, hundreds of which will be found illustrated in the extensive plates. The evolution of Papal coinage is explained in clear, concise terms in the introduction, both from artistic and political perspectives. The coinage of each Pope is also introduced with a brief biography to place it in its historical context. Features include: complete listings for popes, antipopes, anonymous & senatorial issues, hundreds of illustrations, tables of monograms, mintmasters' marks, papal and auxiliary arms. This book has been granted Impramatur and Nihil Obstat by the Catholic Church.
BK00036. Papal Coins by Allen G. Berman, 332 pages, 77 plates, 3,500 types, hardback with just jacket, NEW; $45.00 (€38.25)

In Praise of Later Roman Emperors, Panegyrici Latini

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Introduction, translation, and historical commentary, with the Latin text of R.A.B. Mynors. Panegyrics are topical speeches or poems delivered in praise of rulers and other public figures, both living and dead. A rich source of insight into the time and often they constitute the only surviving source of information abut certain key events in Roman history.
BK13874. In Praise of Later Roman Emperors, Panegyrici Latini by C.E.V. Nixon & Barbara Saylor Rodgers, 1994, 735 pages, hardcover, used like new; $25.00 (€21.25)

The Caparelli Hoard (Numismatic Notes and Monographs 43)

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Please note that if you order 3 or more books and our shopping cart shipping charges add up to an excessive amount, we will reduce the shipping charge and only charge the actual cost of postage!
BL34128. The Caparelli Hoard by D. H. Cox, American Numismatic Society, Numismatic Notes and Monographs No. 43, 1930, 17 pages, 2 double page plates, tan card covers, 114 x 168 mm; A small hoard of 14th century coins from Boeotia; USED, fine condition, only one copy available; $20.00 (€17.00)



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