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Tranquillina, Augusta, May 241 - 25 February 244 A.D.

Tranquillina was the beautiful daughter of the faithful Praetorian Prefect Timisitheus and was married to Gordian III in May 241 A.D. Greatly loved by her husband, she survived his assassination, possibly due to her immense popularity with both the general population and the soldiery. The imperial coinage of Tranquillina is very rare. Provincial coinage of Tranquillina is not as scarce.

Gordian III and Tranquillina, 29 July 238 - 25 February 244 A.D., Tomis, Moesia Inferior

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In 241, Tranquillina's father was appointed the head of the Praetorian Guard. In May that year, Gordian married Tranquillina and she received the honorific title of Augusta. Her marriage to Gordian was an admission by the young emperor of both the political indispensability of Timesitheus and Tranquillina's suitability as an empress. Tranquillina survived her husband. She had no sons with him but they may have had a daughter, born after Gordian's death.
RP84850. Bronze tetrassarion, AMNG I/2 3511, Varbanov I 5730 var. (bust), BMC Macedonia p. 63, 60 var. (obv. leg.); SNG Stancomb 901 var. (∆/C), SNG Cop -, SNG Mun -, gVF/VF, centered on a tight flan, rough areas on reverse, weight 12.052 g, maximum diameter 27.0 mm, die axis 0o, Tomis (Constanta, Romania) mint, 241 - 244 A.D.; obverse AVT K M ANTΩNIOC ΓOP-∆IANOC, confronted busts of Gordian on left, laureate, draped, and cuirassed, from behind and Tranquillina on right, draped and wearing stephane, CABINIA TPA/NKVΛΛINA in two lines below busts; reverse MHTPO ΠONTOV TOMEΩC, Zeus seated left, patera in right hand, long scepter in left hand, ∆ right; ex Colosseum Coin Exchange; rare; $140.00 (Ä124.60)

Gordian III and Tranquillina, May 241 - 25 February 244 A.D., Odessos, Moesia Inferior

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Major athletic games were held at Odessa every five years. Gordian III may have attended them in 238 A.D.
RP77986. Bronze pentassarion, AMNG I/II 2386, Varbanov I 4559 (R3), Moushmov 1683, BMC Thrace -, SNG Cop -, SNG Hunterian -, aVF, well centered, some corrosion, edge crack, centration dimples, weight 11.438 g, maximum diameter 26.3 mm, die axis 180o, Odessos (Varna, Bulgaria) mint, May 241 - 25 Feb 244 A.D.; obverse AVT K M ANT ΓOP∆IANOC AVΓ CE, TPANKVΛ/ΛEIN (ending in two lines below), confronted busts of Gordian on left, laureate, draped, and cuirassed, and Tranquillina on right, draped and wearing stephane; reverse O∆HCCEITΩN (ΩN ligate), Athena standing slightly left, helmeted head left, owl in raised right hand, inverted spear vertical in left hand, grounded shield at her right side, E (mark of value) in left field; from the Butte College Foundation, ex Lindgren; $80.00 (Ä71.20)

Tranquillina, Augusta, May 241 - 25 February 244 A.D., Alliance of Perga and Side, Pamphilia

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Perga was renowned for the worship of Artemis, whose temple stood on a hill outside the town, and in whose honor annual festivals were celebrated. Side's Temple of Apollo was located at the end of the city's peninsula site, overlooking the sea.
RP73194. Bronze AE 26, SNG BnF 500 (same dies), Franke-Nolle 1669 (same dies); BMC Lycia p. 142, 107, aVF, well centered, nice jade green patina, weight 11.610 g, maximum diameter 26.5 mm, die axis 0o, Perga mint, consular legate Tertullianus, May 241 - 25 Feb 244; obverse CΑΒΕΙ ΤΡΑΝΚVΛΛΕΙΝΑΝ CΕΒ, draped bust of Tranquillina right, crescent behind shoulders; reverse ΠΕΡΓΑΙΩΝ CΙ∆ΗΤΩΝ ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ, Artemis of Perga on left, standing right, quiver over shoulder, long torch in left hand, clasping right hands with Apollo of Side, he is turning right, looking back left, long scepter in his left; SOLD





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