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Greek Domination of Judaea and Palestine

From Alexander the Great's conquest until Roman domination, the city states and small nations of the region, including Judaea, were at various times either ruled or dominated by the great Seleukid or Ptolemaic Kingdoms.Judea 160 to 143 BCE

Macedonian Kingdom, Antigonos I Monophthalmos, Strategos of Asia, 320 - 306 B.C., In the Name and Types of Alexander

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After the battle of Issos, Alexander determined to seize the Phoenician coast and eliminate the threat of the Phoenician warships which had served Persia. He asked King Azemilkos of Tyre to allow him to enter the city to sacrifice to the god Melqart. After Azemilkos refused to make this act of submission, in January 332 B.C., Alexander besieged Tyre. The city was taken, after great violence, in September.

The name of the king of Tyre whose regnal year dates this coin is unknown. The king and his city were under the hegemony of Antigonos I Monophthalmos ("the One-eyed"), the Macedonian strategos (general and governor) of Asia. Antigonus declared himself king in 306 B.C. and died at the battle of Ipsus in 301 B.C.
GS86198. Silver tetradrachm, Price 3298, Newell Dated 47, Cohen DCA 738 (R1), MŁller Alexander -, SNG Cop -, SNG MŁnchen -, SNG Alpha Bank -, VF, toned, attractive style, obverse a little off center, die wear, bumps and marks, weight 17.166 g, maximum diameter 27.0 mm, die axis 300o, Tyre mint, 311 - 310 B.C.; obverse head of Herakles right, clad in Nemean Lion scalp headdress tied at neck; reverse AΛEΞAN∆POY, Zeus AŽtophoros seated left, bare to the waist, himation around hips and legs, eagle in extended right hand, long scepter vertical behind in left hand, right leg drawn back, feet on footstool, Phoenician date left (read right to left): ll lll lll (regnal year 8); rare; $320.00 (Ä272.00)

Judaea (Yehudah), Ptolemaic Rule, Ptolemy II Philadelphos, 285 - 246 B.C.

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Ptolemy II requested copies of Jewish texts for the Library at Alexandria. There they were translated and transcribed by seventy Jewish scholars hired for the purpose, creating the Septuagint, the oldest Greek version of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Many of the oldest Biblical verses among the Dead Sea Scrolls, particularly those in Aramaic, correspond more closely with the Septuagint than with the Hebrew text.
SH54977. Silver Meshorer TJC 32; Mildenberg Yehud pl. 21, 24; Hendin 1087, gF, weight 0.192 g, maximum diameter 6.4 mm, die axis 180o, Jerusalem(?) mint, 285 - 246 B.C.; obverse diademed head of Ptolemy I right; reverse eagle standing half left on thunderbolt, wings open, head left, Aramaic YHDH (Yehudah) on left; $100.00 (Ä85.00)

Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy II Philadelphos, 285 - 246 B.C., Joppa, Judaea

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Between 320 and 318 B.C., Ptolemy I, then Satrap of Egypt, took advantage of the dissent among his rivals and secured the area of Palestine.

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SH09008. Silver tetradrachm, SNG Cop 461, Svoronos 799-800, VF, weight 14.02 g, maximum diameter 25.9 mm, die axis 0o, Judaea, Joppa mint, obverse diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis; reverse ΠTOΛEMAIOY ΣΩTHPOΣ, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, IOΠ monogram left, LA monogram and Θ right, A between eagle's legs; artistic, high-relief portrait, partially uncleaned; SOLD


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Greek Domination of Judaea and Palestine