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Home > Catalog > Roman Coins > The Adoptive Emperors > Antoninus Pius > RS89452
Antoninus Pius, August 138 - 7 March 161 A.D.
The reverse announces that Antoninus Pius has completed vows (prayers and sacrifices) to ask the gods for 30 years of rule. In a religious context, votum, plural vota, is a vow or promise made to a deity. The word comes from the past participle of voveo, vovere; as the result of the verbal action, a vow, or promise. The votum is an aspect of the contractual nature of Roman religion and sacrifice, a bargaining expressed by "do ut des" (I give that you might give).
RS89452. Silver denarius, RIC III 294b(a), RSC II 1126a, BMCRE IV 956, Strack 342, Hunter II -, SRCV II -, Choice VF, nice portrait, excellent centering, flow lines, some mild porosity, edge cracks, Rome mint, weight 2.985g, maximum diameter 19.0mm, die axis 180o, 158 - 159 A.D.; obverse ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XXII (Antoninus Augustus, father of the county, holder of tribune power 22 years), laureate head right; reverse VOTA SVSCEPTA DEC III (vows (prayers) made for the 30th anniversary of rule), Antoninus standing left, togate and veiled, sacrificing from right hand over tripod on left, COS IIII (consul 4 times) in exergue; $120.00

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