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Cales, Campania, Italy, c. 265 - 240 B.C.
The Romans captured Cales in 335 B.C. and established a colony in 334 with Latin rights of 2,500 citizens. It was an important base in the war against Hannibal. Before 184 B.C. more settlers were sent there. After the Social War it became a municipium. Its fertile territory and manufacture of black glazed pottery, which was even exported to Etruria, made it prosperous. Inscriptions name six gates of the town: and there are considerable remains of antiquity, especially of an amphitheater and theater, of a supposed temple, a Roman necropolis, and other edifices.
GB88976. Bronze litra, SNG Cop 322; SNG ANS 188; BMC Italy p. 80, 26; SGCV I 548; HN Italy 435; HGC 1 375 (S), aVF, dark brown patina, corrosion, Cales (Calvi Risorta, Italy) mint, weight 7.377g, maximum diameter 20.1mm, die axis 330o, c. 265 - 240 B.C.; obverse head of Minerva left in crested Corinthian helmet, border of dots; reverse cock standing right, star upper left, CALENΩ downward on right, border of dots; ex Roma Numismatics; scarce; SOLD

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