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Alexandreia Troas, Troas, 3rd - 2nd Century B.C.
Alexandria Troas (modern Eski Stambul) is on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of the west coast of Anatolia, a little south of Tenedos (modern Bozcaada). The city was founded by Antigonus around 310 B.C. with the name Antigoneia and was populated with the inhabitants of Cebren, Colone, Hamaxitus, Neandria, and Scepsis. About 301 B.C., Lysimachus improved the city and re-named it Alexandreia. Among the few structure ruins remaining today are a bath, an odeon, a theater and gymnasium complex and a stadium. The circuit of the old walls can still be traced.
GB89028. Bronze AE 10, BMC Troas p. 10, 17; Bellinger Troy -; SNG Cop -; SNGvA -; SNG MŁnchen -; SNG TŁbingen -, F, dark green patina, corrosion, tiny edge splits, Alexandria Troas (Eski Stambul, Turkey) mint, weight 0.630g, maximum diameter 10.1mm, die axis 0o, 3rd - 2nd Century B.C.; obverse laureate head of Apollo right; reverse horse grazing right, AΛE above, star below, thunderbolt(?) in exergue; very rare; $36.00

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