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Home > Catalog > Greek Coins > Geographic - All Periods > Greece > Boiotia > GB74968
Boiotia, Greece, Boiotian League, c. 225 - 171 B.C.
Because nearly all examples of this type are very worn, most references incorrectly identify the patera as a wreath.

After the destruction of Thebes by Alexander in 335 B.C., the Boeotians never again pursued independent policy, but followed protecting powers. Unable to defend its frontiers, the land became more than ever the "dancing-ground of Ares." Boeotia was generally loyal to Macedon, and supported its kings against Rome. Devastation during the First Mithridatic War was a death-blow to the country's prosperity. Rome dissolved the league, but it was revived under Augustus and merged with the other central Greek federations in the Achaean synod.
GB74968. Bronze AE 16, BCD Boiotia 145; Imhoof-Blumer Boeotiens 33; BMC Central p. 43, 105, pl. VI, 11 corr.; Head Boeotia p. 90, pl. VI, 8 corr.; SNG Cop 394 corr., aF, green patina, federal mint, weight 3.426g, maximum diameter 16.1mm, c. 225 - 171 B.C.; obverse Boiotian ox-hide shield, club across one end; reverse BOIΩTΩN (downward on right), Nike standing left, patera in right, trident vertical behind in left; ex BCD Collection with his tag noting "Found in Central Greece?"; extremely rare; $60.00

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