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Home > Catalog > Greek Coins > Geographic - All Periods > Greece > Boiotia > GB74944
Thebes, Boiotia, Greece, c. 363 - 348 B.C.
In 362 B.C., civil war in the Arcadian league led to Mantinea fighting alongside Sparta and Athens, while Tegea and others members of the league sided with Thebes. The Theban general, Epaminondas, headed the large allied army in Peloponnesus. He was met by Sparta (led by Spartan general Archidamus III), Athens, and their allies in the Battle of Mantinea. In the battle, Epaminondas was victorious, but was killed. His dying command to make peace with the enemy was followed by all sides and a general peace was established in Greece. The period of Theban domination of Greece came to an end.
GB74944. Bronze AE 13, BCD Boiotia 572a; Head Boeotia p. 71, type a, pl. V, 7; BMC Central p. 85, 172, pl. XV, 11; SNG Cop 356, VF, Herakles' head a little low on obverse, scratches, Thebes mint, weight 1.870g, maximum diameter 12.9mm, die axis 90o, magistrate Lykino- , c. 363 - 348 B.C.; obverse youthful head of Herakles left, wearing Nemean Lion skin headdress; reverse club left, ΛYK above, INΩ below; ex BCD with his tag noting, "Procured near Thebes."; SOLD

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