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Home > Catalog > Roman Coins > Recovery of the Empire > Severina > RB73881
Severina, Augusta Spring 274 - November 275 A.D.
Juno was the chief female divinity in the Roman pantheon. She was the wife of Jupiter and a member of the Capitoline Triad. She had many different aspects, such as Juno Moneta, Juno Sospita, and Juno Lucina, but here she is depicted as Juno Regina, "Juno the Queen." Juno is usually shown holding a patera, scepter or a statuette of Athena, and is often accompanied by a peacock.
RB73881. Bronze as, MER-RIC 1879 (94 spec.), RIC V-1 7, BnF XII 310 - 313, Hunter IV 15, Mazzini 9, Cohen VI 9, SRCV III 11711, aVF, well centered, nice portrait, light corrosion and encrustation, 6th officina, Rome mint, weight 8.524g, maximum diameter 26.1mm, die axis 0o, 11th issue, early - Sep 275; obverse SEVERINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right; reverse IVNO REGINA, Juno standing slightly left, head left, patera in right hand, long scepter vertical behind in left hand, peacock left at feet on left, ς in exergue; SOLD


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Hera or Juno