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Ravenna, Italy

Dates of operation: 404 - 475 A.D. Mintmarks: RAV, RV, RVPS.

Libius Severus, 19 November 461 - 25 September 465 A.D.

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Libius Severus (also referred to as Severus III) is one of the emperors we know almost nothing about, even though he ruled for nearly four years. He was a native of Lucania and was proclaimed emperor at Ravenna by the mighty general Ricimer. Severus' death is surrounded by mystery. Ancient sources tell us that he was either poisoned or died of natural causes. The event might have the work of Ricimer since his puppet emperor was not recognized by the eastern emperor Leo I.
RL90813. Bronze nummus, RIC X 2715, gF, excellent for the type, weight 0.997 g, maximum diameter 11.9 mm, die axis 180o, Ravenna(?) mint, 461 A.D.; obverse D N LIB SEVERVS P F AVG, diademed and cuirassed bust of Severus III right; reverse RcME monogram (of Ricimer) in wreath; ex Holding History Coins; very rare; SOLD


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