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Chariots on Ancient Coins

Roman Republic, M. Calidius, Q. Caecilius Metellus, and Cn. Fulvius, 117 - 116 B.C.

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On 26 June 116 B.C., at the death of Ptolemy VIII Physcon of Egypt, Cleopatra III selected her younger son Ptolemy X Alexander as co-regent, but the Alexandrians forced her to bring Ptolemy IX from Cyprus, where he was governor. Ptolemy IX Philometor Soter II Lathyros took the throne of Egypt.
RR74255. Silver denarius, RSC I Fulvia 1, Crawford 284/1b, Sydenham 539a, SRCV I 160, F, toned, tight flan as typical for the type, scratches, weight 3.626 g, maximum diameter 18.9 mm, die axis 270o, Rome mint, 117 - 116 B.C.; obverse head of Roma right in winged helmet, X (XVI ligature) below chin, ROMA behind; reverse Victory in a biga right holding wreath, CN FOVL (NF and VL in monogram) below, M CAL Q MET (AL and MET in monogram) in exergue; $50.00 (Ä43.50)

Krannon, Thessaly, Greece, 350 - 300 B.C.

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In 322 B.C., at Krannon, Thessaly, the Macedonian general Antipater decisively defeated an anti-Macedonian alliance of the Athenians, Aetolians, Thessalians, the Phoceans, the Lokrians and some Peloponnesian states. After the defeat, Athens was forced to abolish its democracy, the leaders responsible for the war were sentenced to death and a Macedonian garrison was stationed at the port of Mounychia.
GB49819. Bronze dichalkon, Rogers 199; BMC Thessaly p. 16, 5 var (no obv letter); SNG Cop 43 var (same); SGCV I 2073, F, weight 5.062 g, maximum diameter 17.3 mm, die axis 165o, Krannon mint, 350 - 300 B.C.; obverse horseman galloping right, wearing petasos and chlamys, K behind; reverse K-PA/NNO, hydria (water carrying vessel) mounted on cart; ex BCD collection; $36.00 (Ä31.32)

Constantine the Great, Early 307 - 22 May 337 A.D.

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Manus Dei, the hand of God, reaches down to take Constantine up to heaven.
RL74026. Billon reduced centenionalis, RIC VIII Nicomedia 18, LRBC II 1132, SRCV V 17486, Voetter 24, Cohen VII 760, VF, green patina, weight 1.571 g, maximum diameter 16.5 mm, die axis 0o, Nicomedia (Izmit, Turkey) mint, posthumous, 9 Sep 337 - Apr 340 A.D.; obverse DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG, veiled bust right; reverse Emperor, veiled, in quadriga right, the hand of God reaches down to take him to heaven, star above, SMN in exergue; $36.00 (Ä31.32)

Roman Republic, M. Papirius Carbo, 122 B.C.

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In 122 B.C., Marcus Fulvius Flaccus and Gaius Gracchus became tribunes and proposed a number of populist reforms. Gracchus passed a law requiring the state to provide weapons and equipment for the soldiers in the Roman army. The following year Gracchus lost his bid for reelection. When his rivals planned to repeal his populist reforms, Gracchus organized a mass protest. The Senate ordered the protest suppressed by any means necessary. Gaius Gracchus and many of his followers were killed on the streets of Rome in a pitched battle with the consul Lucius Opimius, and a force of senators and equites. Later Opimius established a tribunal that condemned 3,000 of Gracchus supporters to death.
RR74209. Silver denarius, SRCV I 151, Crawford 276/1, Sydenham 423, RSC I Papiria 6, Fair, toned, weight 3.489 g, maximum diameter 18.4 mm, die axis 90o, Rome mint, 122 B.C.; obverse head of Roma right in winged helmet, palm branch behind, X below chin; reverse Jupiter in a quadriga right, brandishing thunderbolt in right, long scepter and reins in left, M CARBO below, ROMA in exergue; $35.00 (Ä30.45) Out of Stock!



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