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Medieval Coins of Bulgaria

First Bulgarian Empire, Peter I, 927 - 969 A.D., Lead Bulla Seal

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This seal was reportedly found together with a hoard of Romanus I, Constantine II and Romanus II solidi, some of which are now available for sale in our Byzantine Gold section. The seal may have once tied a leather bag containing the coins; perhaps a Bulgarian imperial payment.

Peter was the son of Simeon the Great 893 - 927, architect of the Golden Age for the Bulgarian Empire. In 927 the Bulgarians and the Byzantines signed apeace treaty which recognized Peter's Imperial title, the borders and the Bulgarian Patriarchate. In addition, Peter married Maria Lecapene, renamed Eirene (Peace) for the event.

An inferior example (with a finder's cut defacing Peter) was estimated $1000 and sold for $650 plus fees in Triton XI, 2008.
SH33751. Lead bulla (tag seal), gVF, weight 18.524 g, maximum diameter 22.8 mm, die axis 0o, obverse + IhSuS XPI[...]+, facing bust of Christ, holding book of Gospels in left hand, cross behind head; reverse blundered legend naming Peter, facing busts of Peter, wearing chlamys, and his wife, Eirine (Maria) Lecapene, wearing loros, both crowned, holding patriarchal cross between them; well formed seal, nice round thick flan, attractive buff-grey patina; SOLD

Bulgaria, Second Empire, Ivan Shishman, 1371 - 1395 A.D.

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Ivan Alexander divided his kingdom between his two sons. Ivan Shishman inherited the central portion of Bulgaria with the capital Tarnovo. In 1393, after three-month siege, Tarnovo fell to the Ottoman Empire. Ivan Shishman continued to rule in Nikopol as an Ottoman vassal but Sultan Bayezit I had him beheaded on June 3, 1395.
SH59927. Billon trachy, Radushev and Zhekov type 1.15. 15-16; Yokourova and Penchev 131, gVF, weight 1.120 g, maximum diameter 19.5 mm, die axis 0o, Tarnovo mint, 1371 - 1393; obverse rampant lion left; reverse Shishman tsar monogram; SOLD

Roman Republic, Lucius Aurelius Cotta, 105 B.C.

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Vulcan is the divinity of the forge and therefore symbolic of the striking of money.
RR74376. Silver denarius serratus, Crawford 314/1b, Sydenham 577, RSC I Aurelia 21, SRCV I 191 var (control), F, weight 3.24 g, maximum diameter 20.3 mm, die axis 40o, Rome mint, 105 BC; obverse draped bust of Vulcan right, wearing a laureate pileus, tongs and X behind, E below chin, all within myrtle wreath; reverse eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left, LCOT below, all within a laurel wreath; SOLD



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Medieval Bulgaria