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Cuneiform Tablets and Other Ancient Writing

Antiquities authenticated and attributed by Alex G. Malloy.

Writings of Mankind, Alex G. Malloy Auction XVII, Spring 1990

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Includes objects in the following categories: Cuneiform, Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Aramaic, Edessan Syriac, Greek, Islamic (Arabic), Dravadian, Classical Latin, Late Latin, English, American Colonial, French, German, and Russian.
BL00008. Writings of Mankind 1990, Alex G. Malloy Auction XVII, spring 1990, 123 lots, 68 pages, 40 plates; $12.50 (Ä11.13)

Neo-Sumerian Empire (UR III), Mesopotamia, Cuneiform Clay Tablet, 2113 - 2006 B.C.

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Used to account for the transfer of beer, bread, fish, oil, spice and onions for the Shueshtar, the "official."
AS48861. cuneiform tablet; 25 mm X 23 mm, Superb, obverse 1 (sila) of "dida"-beer, 2 sila of fine beer, 10 (sila) of bread, 2 shekels of oil, 2 shekels of spice, 3 fish, 3 braids of onions for Shuestar, the "official"; reverse on the fourteenth day of the second month; ex Alex G. Malloy Sale 11/99, #1038; SOLD

Eastern India, Buddhist Terracotta Votive Sealing, c. 8th Century

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At holy sites and temples Buddhist pilgrims would purchase small votive offerings, to present to the shrine to be interred inside a stupa, or to take home as a memento. Votive offerings varied from place to place and over time. They were often made of terracotta and included small plaques, stupas, and sealings. The various sealings texts include meaningless pseudo-writing, repeated mantras, passages from the Ramayana, the Buddhist creed, prayers, etc. Because few early Buddhist manuscripts have survived in India, the writings found on these humble sealings provide a rare glimpse of the various scripts used in India in ancient and early medieval times. --
AB54496. cf. Zwalf, p. 33 and nos. 144 - 146, Choice, maximum diameter 29 mm, obverse Sanskrit text: the Buddhist Creed; reverse undecorated; mica sparkling in the clay, ex Alex G. Malloy; SOLD


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Ancient Writing