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Wholesale and Collector Bulk Lots of Roman Coins

Arrangement of the coins for the photographs is random - we do not pick the best coins and put them on top. Unless otherwise noted, the coins offered are the actual coins in the photograph, coins are unattributed and no additional information about the coins is available. Bulk lots are offered with only a small mark-up over our cost and many are lots we have purchases for our retail store. When we have time, we may withdraw an unsold bulk lot, photograph the coins, and add them to the store individually at retail. LARGE LOTS ARE AS IS, NO RETURN.

Lot of 296 Roman Bronze Coins (Mostly Late Imperial)
Click for a larger photo  
LT65600. Lot of 296 mostly late Roman imperial bronze coins, some provincial, possibly other types, unattributed, the actual coins in the photograph, mostly Fair to Fine, some holed, some with edge chips or other flaws; as-is, no returns; $1350.00 (1012.50)

Lot of 35 Late Roman Bronze Coins
Click for a larger photo  
LT71478. Bronze Lot, 35 late Roman bronze coins, F or better, many VF, good variety of rulers and reverse types, nicely centered and struck, problem-free attractive coins, unattributed, no flips or tags, the photo is of the actual coins in the lot, only one lot available, as-is, no returns; $450.00 (337.50)

10 Billon Tetradrachms, Roman Provincial Egypt, c. 275 - 310 A.D.
Click for a larger photo These coins are unattributed by emperor and reverse type and may include scarcer types. Counting them we saw the group includes Probus, Carinus, Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius I, and possibly other emperors.
SP50740. Billon Lot of 10 Roman Egyptian billon tetradrachms, Alexandria mint, the coins in the photo were randomly selected from the same group; bulk lot, as is, no returns; 10 coins; $225.00 (168.75)

Lot of 10 Worn Roman Imperial Sestertii
Click for a larger photo 1) Claudius, legend in wreath, NCAPR countermark.
2) Claudius, Imitative, Spes.
3) Nero, Roma seated.
4) Julia Titi.
5) Divus Marcus Aurelius, Eagle.
6) Commodus, 3 Monetae.
7) Septimius Severus, RIC 719, horseback.
8) Septimius Severus, RIC 706, Fortuna standing.
9) Philip II as Augustus, RIC 267a, emperors on chairs.
10) Volusian, RIC 251, Pax.
LT64559. Orichalcum sestertius, Lot of 10 sestertii, Fair to Fine, $200.00 (150.00)

Lot of 11 Roman Folles
Click for a larger photo  
LT71459. Bronze Lot, 11 Roman bronze folles, 29 - 19 mm diameter, unattributed, all Fine or better, nice coins with good variety of emperors and types, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photos, as-is, no returns; $200.00 (150.00)

Roman Empire, Lot of 7 Coins of Scarcer Roman Rulers, 241 - 455 A.D.
Click for a larger photo 1) Tranquillina, wife of Gordian III, Hadrianopolis, Thrace, cf. Youroukova 689
2) Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius, Viminacium, Moesia Superior
3) Saloninus Caesar, antoninianus, chipped
4) Allectus, antoninianus, holed
5) Theodora, Trier Mint
6) Magnus Maximus
7) Valentinian III, VOT PVB Campgate
LT90914. Lot of seven coins of scarcer Roman rulers, 11.3 - 26.2 mm, Fair to Fine, one holed, one damaged, actual coins in the photograph; $125.00 (93.75)

Lot of 5 All Different Gallienus Silver Antoniniani
Click for a larger photo  
SP65580. Silver Lot, Lot of 5 silver antoniniani of Gallienus, no duplicate types, Fine or better, mostly nice coins with good metal for this emperor, coins in each 5 coin lot were selected from same lot as the coins in the photo; as-is, no returns, 5 coins; $120.00 (90.00)

Lot of 7 Julio-Claudian Bronze Coins, 18 B.C. - 68 A.D.
Click for a larger photo 1) Augustus, cut half of a Nemausus dupondius
2) Tiberius Caesar, semis
3) Similar, as
4) Antonia, imitative dupondius
5) Claudius, quadrans
6) Germanicus, as
7) Nero, as, Altar of Peace
LT90917. Bronze Lot, Lot of seven Julio-Claudian bronze coins, Fair to Fine, porous, actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; $105.00 (78.75)

Lot of 4 Larger Roman Bronze Half Coins Cut for Change
Click for a larger photo 1) Octavian, dupondius, RPC 517.
2) Nero / Decursio.
3) Geta as Augustus / seated goddess.
4) Maximinus I / Salus.
LT64562. Bronze Lot, 4 cut Roman bronze coins, F-VF, $100.00 (75.00)

Lot of 7 Roman Republic Bronze Coins
Click for a larger photo
LT64558. Bronze Lot, Lot of 7 Roman Republic bronze from Spain, Fair, three cut halves; three 30 - 40g without clear symbols above prow; the last is 17.5g, Crawford 471/1, which is scarce; $90.00 (67.50)

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