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Cherronesos, Thrace

Cherronesos is Greek for 'peninsula' and several cities used the name. The city in Thracian Chersonese (the Gallipoli peninsula) that struck these coins is uncertain. The coins may have been struck at Cardia by the peninsula as a league, or perhaps they were struck by a lost city on the peninsula named Cherronesos.

Antoninus Pius, August 138 - 7 March 161 A.D., Coela, Thracian Chersonesos

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Coela in Chersonesos Thraciae (on the Gallipoli peninsula) issued gold and silver coins under Alexander the Great and from the early 2nd century A.D. struck Roman provincial and colonial coins.
RP84057. Bronze AE 17, SNG Cop 872 (same dies), Varbanov 2888 (R6) var. (legends, grain above prow), SNG Tübingen -, SNG Hunterian -, SNG Dreer -, BMC Thrace -, Lindgren -, VF, nice green patina, tight flan cutting off much of the legends, marks, weight 4.166 g, maximum diameter 17.2 mm, die axis 135o, Coela mint, Aug 138 - 7 Mar 161 A.D.; obverse IMP CAES - ANTONINVS (or similar), laureate head right; reverse AEL MVNI COELANI (or similar), war galley prow left; very rare; $200.00 (€178.00)

Pantikapaion(?), Tauric Chersonesos, Thrace, c. 350 - 300 B.C.

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This type was minted with and without the Π on the reverse. Although not discussed in the references reviewed by Forum, we believe the Π on the reverse indicates this coin was struck at Pantikapaion.
GB90313. Bronze AE 10, SNG BM Black Sea 727; SNG Stancomb 463; SNG Pushkin 607, Sutzu II 13, aVF, grainy, weight 1.182 g, maximum diameter 10.0 mm, die axis 0o, Pantikapaion(?) mint, c. 350 - 300 B.C.; obverse lion head right, mouth open; reverse star of six rays, Π − X−E−P between rays; $65.00 (€57.85)

Lysimachia, Thracian Chersonesos, 309 - 220 B.C.

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Lysimachia was built by Lysimachus in 309 B.C., when he was preparing for the last struggle with his rivals; for the new city, being situated on the isthmus, commanded the road from Sestos to the north and the mainland of Thrace. In order to obtain inhabitants for his new city, Lysimachus destroyed the neighboring town of Cardia, and settled the inhabitants of it and other Chersonesean cities here. Lysimachus made Lysimachia the capital of his kingdom, and it must have rapidly risen to great splendor and prosperity.
GB90088. Bronze AE 19, SNG Cop 910, BMC Thrace -, SNG Tübingen -, SNG Klagenfurt -, Lindgren -, aF, weight 5.138 g, maximum diameter 19.3 mm, die axis 0o, Lysimacheia mint, 309 - 220 B.C.; obverse laureate and turreted head of Tyche right; reverse ΛYΣIMAXEΩN, lion seated right, stalk of grain (control symbol) upper left; very rare; $55.00 (€48.95)



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