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Cherronesos, Thrace

Cherronesos is Greek for 'peninsula' and several cities used the name. The city in Thracian Chersonese (the Gallipoli peninsula) that struck these coins is uncertain. The coins may have been struck at Cardia by the peninsula as a league, or perhaps they were struck by a lost city on the peninsula named Cherronesos.

Madytos, Chersonesos, Thrace, c. 350 B.C.
Click for a larger photo Madytos, located near modern Eceabat, Turkey, was a colony of Lesbos. More colonists came later from Miletus and Klazomenae. Madytos was a busy commercial port during the Byzantine period. It was occupied by the Osman Turks in the 15th century. Madytos had a mainly Greek population until the 1920's when, in the exchange of population between Greece and Turkey, most of the Greeks moved to Greece.
GB66059. Bronze AE 13, SNG Cop 926; BMC Thrace p. 197, 2 (star vice ivy leaf), aVF, dark green patina, weight 2.360 g, maximum diameter 12.6 mm, die axis 180o, Madytos mint, c. 350 B.C.; obverse bull butting right; reverse M−A∆Y, dog seated right; ivy leaf behind; rare; $110.00 (€82.50)

Pantikapaion(?), Tauric Chersonesos, Thrace, c. 350 - 300 B.C.
Click for a larger photo This type was minted with and without the Π on the reverse. Although not discussed in the references reviewed by Forum, we believe the Π on the reverse indicates this coin was struck at Pantikapaion.
GB90313. Bronze AE 10, SNG BM Black Sea 727; SNG Stancomb 463; SNG Pushkin 607, Sutzu II 13, aVF, grainy, weight 1.182 g, maximum diameter 10.0 mm, die axis 0o, Pantikapaion(?) mint, c. 350 - 300 B.C.; obverse lion head right, mouth open; reverse star of six rays, Π − X−E−P between rays; $95.00 (€71.25)

Commodus, March or April 177 - 31 Dec 192 A.D., Coela, Thracian Chersonesos
Click for a larger photo Varbanov 2901 has the same upside down V and reversed N legend error, but with an Apollo type.
RP67914. Bronze AE 17, Varbanov 2902 var (MVNIC normal), Moushmov 5568 var (same), BMC Thrace p. 191, 2 var (same); SNG Cop -, SNG Lindgren -, aVF, rough patina, weight 3.874 g, maximum diameter 17.1 mm, die axis 0o, Coela mint, obverse COMMODVS - ANTON, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse AEL MΛNIC, COILA (the Λ is an upside down V, N retrograde), prow right, cornucopia above; very rare; $70.00 (€52.50)

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