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Romanus II, 6 April 945 - 15 March 963 A.D.

Joint rule with Constantine VII (his father), 6 April 945 - 9 November 959 A.D.
Sole rule, 9 November 959 A.D. - April 960
Joint rule with Basil II (his son), April 960 - April 961 A.D.
Joint rule with Basil II and Constantine VIII (his sons), April 961 - 15 March 963 A.D.
Romanus II ruled alone for only three years. He was an ineffectual ruler, dominated by his beautiful wife Theophano. During his rule his general, and the future emperor, Nicephorus Phocas, reconquered Crete and captured Aleppo in Syria.

Byzantine Empire, Constantine VII and Romanus II, 6 April 945 - 9 November 959 A.D.
Click for a larger photo On April 6, 945, Constantine crowned his son Romanus II co-emperor. Romanus secured a promise from his father that he would be allowed to select his own bride. He chose an innkeeper's daughter named Anastaso, whom he married in 956 and renamed Theophano. On 9 November 959, Romanus II succeeded his father amidst rumors that he or his wife had poisoned him.
BZ65608. Bronze follis, DOC III, part 2, 27; Wroth BMC 70; Morrisson BN 65; Ratto 1907; SBCV 1762, aF, overstruck, weight 6.593 g, maximum diameter 27.9 mm, die axis 135o, Constantinople mint, 931 - 944 A.D.; obverse CONST CE ROMAN b ROM, crowned busts of Constantine, with short beard and wearing vertical loros, on left, and Romanus II, wearing loros, unbearded, on right, holding patriarchal cross on globe between them; reverse + COnST / CE ROMAn / En XRIST / b ROMEO in four lines; scarce; $90.00 (67.50)

Byzantine Empire, Constantine VII and Romanus II, 6 April 945 - 9 November 959 A.D.
Click for a larger photo Constantine VII became sole emperor as a minor. He was not allowed to take part in government and his regent Romanus I made himself co-emperor in 920. In 945 Romanus I was deposed by his sons who plotted to take the throne, but Constantine VII took control. Finally, at age 40, he had real power. Later that year he made his son Romanus II co-emperor.
BB66436. Bronze follis, SBCV 1761; DOC II, part 2, 26, aF, weight 7.138 g, maximum diameter 27.9 mm, die axis 180o, Constantinople mint, 945 - c. 950 A.D.; obverse + COnST bASIL ROM, Constantine VII facing, bearded, wearing modified loros and crown with cross, globus cruciger in left, akakia in right; reverse + COnSt/EnΘEO bA/SILEVS R/OmEOn (Constantine King of the Romans); $38.00 (28.50)

Romanus II (Sole Reign?), 959 - 963 A.D.
Click for a larger photo This type with the obliterated reverse legend has been attributed as an emergency issue struck at the beginning of Romanus' sole reign. David Sear notes, "Perhaps the Byzantine mint had received no clear instructions from the new regime and simply resorted to this stopgap expedient pending further directives from the palace.
SH47406. Gold solidus, Feg SNR 76, pl. IV, B4; cf. DOC III Constantine VII 15.22, Choice EF, weight 4.395 g, maximum diameter 20.5 mm, die axis 180o, Constantinople mint, obverse +IhS XPS REX REGNANTIVM', bust of Christ facing with nimbus cruciger, tunic and himation, right raised in blessing, gospels in left; reverse CONSTANT CE ROMAN AUGG b R (obliterated), crowned facing busts of Constantine VII (left) in loros and Romanus in chlamys, holding long patriarchal cross between them; unusual strike with near full circles visible; very rare; SOLD

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