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Scarce and Rare Coins From the Holy Land

Judaea, Pontius Pilate, Roman Prefect under Tiberius, 26 - 36 A.D.

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This variant, apparently rather rare, is not of the crude type and is unlisted in the available sources. The transverse bar of the H is not quite horizontal but inclined downward, from the left to right, so making it into an N (the engraver seems to have tried to rectify his mistake). This variant should not be confused with the LIN which is associated with the date LIZ (year 30) which clearly represents an inverted Z (Fig. 83-84). -- Coins of Pontius Pilate by J. P. Fontanille and S. L. Gosline
JD35360. Bronze prutah, apparently unique, Coins of Pontius Pilate p. 62, fig. 83-84 (this coin); Menorah Coin Project rev die R12 (this coin); Hendin 1343 var, near EF, weight 1.501 g, maximum diameter 15.5 mm, die axis 315o, Jerusalem mint, 31 A.D.; obverse TIBEPIOY KAICAPOC, lituus (augural wand); reverse LIN within wreath (blundered LIH = year 18); ex Fontanille Collection; extremely rare variant; SOLD

Lot of 4 Minima of Caesarea Maritima, 1st - 2nd Century A.D.

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In discussing the minima of Caesarea on page 183 of 'A Treasury of Jewish Coins', Meshorer states, "Most of them have the appearance of Tyrian and Sidonian coins, but the crudity of their forms refutes such an attribution. It can be assumed that the minting is a local product, since such coins have not been found in Tyre and Sidon."
IS55107. Bronze 4 bronze minima, Hendin -, Meshorer TJC -; Tyre imitative types, aF - F, weight c. 0.8 g, maximum diameter 12.5 mm, Caesarea Maritima mint, 1st - 2nd century A.D.; obverse veiled head of Tyche right; reverse palm tree; actual coins in the photograph, bargain priced; scarce; SOLD


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