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Ghengis Jon:
This one was found in France and has been (obviously) brutally cleaned.  But I'm tickled to have it.  Similar to RIC 182, it varies in the obverse headgear (pearl diadem as opposed to rosette) and the reverse has both victories holding a single wreath instead of one a piece.

So for my particular database, do I list this as a variant of RIC 182 or should I consider it an unlisted 'species'?

Ex: TRP  (Trier)
Center: M
Similar to RIC VIII Trier 182
Die Axis: 180

Emanuele G:
i think it could be a variant of 182, but let's wait for more experts

Ghengis Jon:
I wonder if the celator was retiring after long service and this was his "I'm doing one the way I like for once in my career...whacha gonna do, fire me?"

Emanuele G:
the strange thing is the only one wreath, i don't remember any other coin like this

There are quite a few barbarous copies of coins of the Trier mint so the first step is to establish it this style is in line with official production.  My first thought is that it could be a good style unofficial product but I am not a specialist or expert in Trier.


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