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This clip is from this months UK publication Coin News. A small bit of good news.....

"Detectorist disgrace
It was a sad day for the hobby of metal detecting recently when David Hutchings of Coventry Moles Metal Detecting Club was jailed for selling fake coins. Hutchings had claimed to have "found" the coins while detecting on legitimate dig sites across the Midlands so as to provide some credence to their identity. However, when he tried to sell some of his "finds" to an Essex-based coin dealer, suspicions were raised and Scotland Yard's Art and Antiques Unit were alerted. When examined by the experts at the British Museum and the Fitzwilliam Museum, the coins were deemed to have been struck using forged dies or been cast in a mould. His finds were also suspect due to some of the coins being found in areas where historians would not expect to find them.
Hutchings pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud at Warwick Crown Court and was sentenced to six months in prison.
Paul Davies speaking on behalf of the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) and the International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins (IBSCC) said "The Metropolitan Police Art & Antique Squad are to be congratulated on the way they handled this case. It is encouraging to know that the authorities in the United Kingdom are protecting the collecting public by taking the subject of numismatic forgeries so seriously. The fact that a custodial sentence was passed should act as a severe warning to the people who make or deal in counterfeit coins. The IBSCC is always willing to work with the authorities to help bring about prosecutions where neccessary."

Will Hooton:
Aye.   :)


Jay GT4:
Great News!

Ryan C:
Fake sellers take notice!!!! Good for The Yard!!!

Hopefully someone named Bubba in prison will have a lot of loose change, flip him upside down and make a jukebox out of him.


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