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Author Topic: Recipients of the Forvm Award For Medieval Studies  (Read 17518 times)
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« on: December 31, 2005, 09:13:26 pm »

Below is a list of the winners of the Forvm Award For Medieval Studies and the links to their websites.  This list will be updated each time a poll closes.  It will also serve as a running total of winners, and be an at-a-glance listing when it comes time for the yearly top three awards.

Certain sites have been given the award for portions of their site, and these are listed in italics where applicable.  Certain sites also have their subject matters listed in plain black (non-italicized) lettering.  Dates for when the award was given are also listed (mm/dd/yy).  Sites belonging to members of Forvm's Discussion Board are listed in maroon, and their Forvm screen names are listed in maroon and parenthesis.  The names of deceased Board members are listed in black.  The Forvm Award symbol denotes sites which have posted the logo to their webpages.

Sites or content in languages other than English have said languages noted in green.  Sites that offer full or near-full translations in multiple languages have them listed with "and"s.  Sites partially translated into multiple languages or with different sections in different languages have the latter listed with commas.  Sites with only menus, introductions, or other non-content features in different languages have them listed in italics.  English translations are offered when webpage design and translator-availability permit.  When isolated sections of content exist for different languages on a site, direct links to them may be given as well.  When present, you can access these features by clicking on a/the green language-name noted by a desired site.

  Byzantium 1200 (8/23/05)*

  The Library of Iberian Resources Online (2/5/06)

  Vortigern Studies - British History 400-600 (2/5/06)

12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire (10/2/07)

All About All Crusades (5/30/07)

The Archaeology of Constantinople and Its Hinterland (Water Supply of Constantinople and Anastasian Wall Project) (8/21/07)

Belgian Castles (10/7/06)

  Bona Tiele (English and Dutch and German) (10/28/04)*

Byzantium - Faith and Power (1261-1557) (3/1/07)

The Crusades (5/15/06)

Decameron Web (English, Italian) (2/19/06)

Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coat of Arms: Material Culture and Self-Representation in the Late Middle Ages (4/28/07)

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University (9/18/07)

The End of Europe's Middle Ages (5/12/07)

Explore Byzantium (2/5/06)

The Glory of Byzantium (10/16/07)

Gode Cookery (3/15/07)

Hellenica ("Medieval Greece/Byzantine Empire") (3/1/09)
Medieval Greece/Byzantine Empire:

  Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean (garethMann) (4/12/10)

Il Sito Di Federico II (Italian and French, English, German, Spanish) (11/5/06)

Images of Medieval Art and Architecture (10/30/07)

Impero Romano d'Oriente 330-1453 (Italian) (9/18/09)

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook (2/5/06)

Medieval Crusades (9/23/06)

Medieval English Towns (3/5/06)

Medieval History Lectures: Dr. Lynn H. Nelson (2/15/07)

Medieval Lithuania (Lithuanian, English, Russian, Belarusian, Polish) (6/14/06)
(Mod Note:  Site offline as of 11/18/09.)

The Medieval Technology Pages (5/29/06)

Mot's Castle Page (3/19/06)

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (2/5/06)

The ORB: On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies (2/5/06)

Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History (6/28/06)

Tamworth Castle (9/4/07)

TEAMS Middle English Texts (2/5/06)

The Viking Answer Lady (4/16/06)

The Viking Network (Norwegian and English) (10/22/06)

VirtualANI - The Deserted Medieval Armenian City of Ani (English and Turkish) (5/15/05)*


* - This site originally received a Forvm Award For Classical Studies which was since converted to a Forvm Award For Medieval Studies.  It may display either logo or both logos.  Byzantium 1200 won the 2005 Bronze Forvm Award For Classical Studies and therefore may display it too.


Recipient Websites That Have Gone Offline For More Than Six Months
("*"s used in breaking links to non-recipient sites that take over the URLs)

Bulfinch's Mythology (2/5/06)
(Site offline as of 5/20/06.)

Paging Through Medieval Lives (3/29/07)
(Site offline as of 1/8/09.)


To view the topic "How to Nominate a Website For an Award", click here:


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