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 on: Yesterday at 08:43:07 am 
Started by bakkar - Last post by OldMoney
"bakkar" (sorry, you don't sign your real name),
Looks like yours could be the same as this one:

Also, Shawn, you say the river goes through the vegetation,
but there is a road or path in the way! Is there some sort of
bridge or culvert there? Was there much else to see there?


 on: Yesterday at 08:28:56 am 
Started by Ante A - Last post by otlichnik
No idea.  I have never seen anything like it.


 on: Yesterday at 08:25:38 am 
Started by Nicola T2 - Last post by OldMoney
Andreas is right, this is definitely a bronze coin, not silver; and
I strongly doubt it is from Assos.

Whilst your obverse is, as you indicate, the head of Athena, the
reverse is virtually unascertainable with the image provided.

Try photographing the reverse again, using a couple of different
lighting angles, and that may show the relief better. The pitting
on the surface does not help much either!

Walter Holt

 on: Yesterday at 07:33:35 am 
Started by Aleph - Last post by Aleph
Hi All,

A question of chronology.  Claudius served as consul for the first time during Caligula's reign.  After being proclaimed emperor, Jan 24, 41AD, he was designated consul for the 2nd time.  On what date did this occur?  I presume that the designation occurred after his accession. The reason for this question is in regard to chronology of the quadrantes of Claudius.  Most are dated either COS II or COS DES but a rare type (RIC 86 and 87 differentiated by a minor legend variation) have no reference to the consulship.  Might these be dated to a gap following accession but prior to being formally granted this honor?  These are very rare (much rarer than I think generally recognized) and could reasonably correspond to a very short time period.

One would think the designation date would be easy to find but I haven't yet seen it.  My understanding is that Tacitus' Annals for the first part of Claudius reign do not survive, however, this period seems to be well documented otherwise.  I had also thought this would be addressed somewhere such as the RIC introduction to Claudius reign, but I haven't found it.


 on: Yesterday at 07:31:27 am 
Started by Perikles - Last post by bpmurphy
This coin wasn't produced as a serrated coin, these were produced with smooth edges. So there is no correlation between this and coins produced by the mint with serrations. This was just the work of a later person for a reason we will never know. Perhaps he wa just bored, perhaps the coin was used as a decorative object, or perhaps some other reason.

Barry Murphy

 on: Yesterday at 07:28:30 am 
Started by pogh_poor - Last post by pogh_poor
Thank you!!

 on: Yesterday at 07:22:17 am 
Started by n.igma - Last post by bpmurphy
I haven't read the AJN article yet, but the story sounds a bit fanciful. How exactly could the pairing of a reverse die in the name of Philip with an autonomous obverse die be used as any attempt to show legitimacy? Who in ancient time would have recognized this pairing? Why couldn't this also be a lifetime issue of Philip whose obverse die survived to be used by Seleukos?

Barry Murphy

 on: Yesterday at 05:58:41 am 
Started by quadrans - Last post by quadrans
Thanx.. Thumbs Up


 on: Yesterday at 05:57:08 am 
Started by quadrans - Last post by peterpil19
 +++Nice, with flans, bigger is better!

 on: Yesterday at 05:39:03 am 
Started by Daniel BergstrŲm - Last post by peterpil19
Just like my day job,  I am a generalist when it comes to collecting. I do not like to restrict myself with what I collect,  though I do find myself leaning towards nice portraits of Roman Emperors or interesting Greek silvers, when deciding to make a purchase.


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