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 on: Yesterday at 12:00:46 pm 
Started by Joe Sermarini - Last post by okidoki
nice piece congrats  Thumbs Up

 on: Yesterday at 11:55:06 am 
Started by Joe Sermarini - Last post by Arados
I treated myself to an early christmas present recently with the purchase of this Aradian coin with Zeus and palm tree from the FORVM shop.  Grin

 on: Yesterday at 11:51:45 am 
Started by Vasiliy O - Last post by Vasiliy O
Ross, Vladislav
The stamps are actively to mint coins right now  Grin

 on: Yesterday at 11:30:11 am 
Started by laney - Last post by Mark Fox
Dear Laney, Pekka, and Board,

Let's see if we can clear this up a bit.

The coin illustrated for RPC IV Online 4033: not only similar to Laney's coin, but is die identical (on both sides).  I was able to track down this other coin listed in the specimen list:

It was struck from the same die pair as well.  And Laney is correct, there is no spear visible on the reverse die in question.  So what we have here is probably an error in the RPC Online description.  Therefore, I would cite Laney's coin as RPC IV Online 4033 corr. (spear), or something similar, until the error is fixed.  Of course, to make the last happen, I would submit the new coin to the RPC editors and let them know what was discovered here.

As a side note, I think Tahberer's two coins would fit better under RPC IV Online 4987:

Tahberer's second piece, for instance, shares the same dies as the coin illustrated on the RPC website.  This type does indeed depict Athena holding a spear.

However, going back to RPC IV Online 4033 again, I should point out another potential mistake.  See coin #4, the last coin in the specimen list (C Lewis 1732):    

The obverse die matches the coin illustrated for no. 4987, and Athena is clearly holding a spear, but the reverse legends are quite possibly different from either no. 4987 or 4033.  So what we are seeing could potentially be a third variety deserving of a separate RPC number.  

I hope most of this helped clarify things rather than muddle them.

Best regards,

Mark Fox

 on: Yesterday at 11:08:25 am 
Started by Vasiliy O - Last post by Vladislav D
Ross, you're right. Very confusing . Or we are all wrong and all of these coins is an imitation or an unknown series minted in copper , gold and also gold plated , recently found in large numbers and have flooded the market . Or the unknown "mint" operates to this day  Smiley . Until we find the right answer to this question  , I'll stay away from these type of coins .
Regards ,
Vlad .

This two " freshly minted coins " is  exact same as copper coin in the last Vasiliy post . Both is currently on sale from the same seller from Bulgaria .

 on: Yesterday at 11:07:15 am 
Started by Jay GT4 - Last post by Jay GT4
Pairing down my collection to focus on my Antony and 1st century coins.

Listed a very rare Provincial Bronze of Caracalla.  This is the only wildwinds example and I can't find another online:

And two small Julian II coins, one rare and also a wildwinds example:

More will be listed as I have time...

 on: Yesterday at 10:51:33 am 
Started by quadrans - Last post by Matthew C5
It's my first time seeing Probus with a lion reverse-very nice choice Thumbs Up

 on: Yesterday at 10:30:31 am 
Started by laney - Last post by Pekka K
RPC 4033 is more like your coin:

Pekka K

edit: Levante 723 is RPC 4987

 on: Yesterday at 09:57:48 am 
Started by SRukke - Last post by SRukke
Thank you all. Good info. I had to look up Volute Krater. Never heard this before. They seem to be designed slightly different from an Amphora. Attached is a picture of one. The handles are higher and solid on the top. Not sure whether this would be a krater or amphora but Pat Lawrence is pretty knowledgeable.

 on: Yesterday at 09:53:28 am 
Started by laney - Last post by laney
Hi Pekka K.

The problem is that I don't see anything that actually looks like a spear where a spear should be on my coin or the RPC coin (despite it having spear in the description); and I don't see the letters in the right reverse field in the SNG Tahberer examples. 


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