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July 30, 2014, 09:11:18 am
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 on: Yesterday at 05:46:29 pm 
Started by LateRomanSoldier - Last post by LateRomanSoldier
The post-Roman Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy (493-553 AD) sought to emulate ancient Rome's former greatness and glory, and this showed in its coinage. Roman coin styles and themes were taken and incorporated into the coins then being struck by Italy's new foreign rulers. It helped that the Germanic Ostrogoths were Romanized, so the ruling elite didn't have too much trouble ruling over their Roman subjects, whom they treated well. They probably realized that coinage needed to be familiar to the Romans under their care, and so struck coins that resembled those that had been circulating in late Roman times, and also that had a connection to coins being used in the neighboring Eastern Roman Empire. This particular type has the familiar wolf and twins theme on the reverse, from the legend of the founding of Rome. On the obverse, a bust of Roma helmeted, with the legend IMVICTA ROMA ("unconquerable Rome" - kind of ironic considering the city had been sacked twice in the previous century, and was now under Germanic control).

Municipal Coinage of Rome, Ostrogothic Kingdom

AE Half-Follis (20 nummi)
Obv: IMVIC-TA ROMA, Roma helmeted, facing right
Rev: She-wolf standing left, suckling Romulus and Remus, two stars above, XX in ex
Mint: Rome, struck 493-534 AD
Ref: BMC 30

 on: Yesterday at 04:57:29 pm 
Started by quadrans - Last post by mauseus
Hi Vincent,

Your link points to a similar one but with a Hercules reverse whereas the coins above are Jupiter. It does make sense that there would be differentiation with the Jupiter normally being paired with Diocletian  and Hercules with Maximianus (as on the CNG specimen). To that end the Maximianus with Jupiter may be a mule.



 on: Yesterday at 04:26:51 pm 
Started by quadrans - Last post by Vincent
Saw another here that is sold CNG:

 on: Yesterday at 04:11:35 pm 
Started by jgad - Last post by jgad
Thanks PtolemAE!...

Kim:  Got this in a group with other ptolemaics..seller was kind enough to ID rulers but still working out specific ID's.   Fairly new to these but they are fun!

- Javier

 on: Yesterday at 04:10:11 pm 
Started by Senatus - Last post by Pregeo
Looks like a Lingons Denier, type: "KALETEDOY" to me.

Grt Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 03:05:07 pm 
Started by ga77 - Last post by ga77
Dear Forum

since I want to be a little more active in this Forum (I mainly write in the German, I will show some pieces from my collection of Middle Bronzes from Pertinax onwards, which I will add to my gallery. I will not upload my whole collection at once, since I just cracked the 300 mark and this would take too much time. I will just add some coins from time to time and show them here as well. If you want to see something specific ask for it, maybe I can provide it.

I want to start with a coin I just received today.

It is a rather rare As of Caracalla in a very nice condition. I was surprised how few people bid on it. It comes from an ACR Auction and has finally arrived:

Caracalla (198 – 217 AD)
AE As, Rome, 203
Laureate and draped bust right, seen from behind
Caracalla (?) standing left, holding Victory and spear, crowned by Minerva, also standing left, holding spear
10,48 gr, 26 mm
RIC IVa, 417b; BMC V, p. 335†; C. 669
Ex Art Coins Roma, Auction 9, lot 628


 on: Yesterday at 02:30:10 pm 
Started by slokind - Last post by quadrans
Thank you Pat post it..
 Very nice and caracteristic portret.. Thumbs Up

 Best regards

 on: Yesterday at 02:14:32 pm 
Started by slokind - Last post by gordian_guy

That is indeed a very fine example. The portrait details are very sharp. A worthy addition to your art collection.


 on: Yesterday at 02:00:45 pm 
Started by Gert - Last post by quadrans
Hi Gert .. Smiley

Again a very nice seal ...
Thank you for posting... Wink
Congratulation.. Thumbs Up


 on: Yesterday at 01:45:40 pm 
Started by AlfaOmega - Last post by benito
For me the portrait looks clearly like Tiberius.

 Thumbs Up

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FORVM`s Classical Numismatics Discussion Board  |  Recent Posts

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