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 on: Today at 07:29:11 pm 
Started by v-drome - Last post by Aarmale
As I understand, Caesarea has been the presumed mint of the procuratorial coins by many numismatists since it was the seat of the Roman governors.

Kushnir-Stein notes in INJ 14 that most (all?) Judaean bronzes from Jerusalem were struck on bevelled flans ("Some observations on Palestinian coins with a bevelled edge"). Since procuratorial prutot were also struck on bevelled flans, she is suggests they too were struck in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem had a sporadically functional mint from the time of Hyrcanus I until at least Archelaus, so it would have made sense to simply continue minting coins such moulds were uncovered in Caesarea (see Ariel's 2012 study "Judean Perspectives of Ancient Mints and Minting Technology," INR 7). Consequently I find Jerusalem to be a more likely mint than Caesarea for procuratorial prutot.

 on: Today at 06:40:34 pm 
Started by traveler - Last post by lawrence c
The one you've gotta love is the "ancient viking tobacco pipe." A bit history challenged (I'm surprised that there aren't any ancient Roman lighters).

 on: Today at 05:57:08 pm 
Started by Ed D - Last post by Dominic T
Wrong style and fabric, pressed from modern dies.

 on: Today at 05:45:10 pm 
Started by CAM - Last post by quadrans
Like this :


 on: Today at 05:39:15 pm 
Started by Blayne W - Last post by quadrans
Something like this :


 on: Today at 05:34:51 pm 
Started by Blayne W - Last post by Blayne W
In one of my lots of AE coins I had this one that I dont even know where to start.

One side has several circles around the coin,
the other not sure what it shows.   

I assume someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

It is 15.3m and 4.4g.

Thanks for your help.


 on: Today at 05:29:35 pm 
Started by Tacitus - Last post by PMah
You found the long-believed-to-be-lost version that was supressed by the aediles! 
The official version almost certainly started with "I,Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus, Commander, Consul for the seventh time, Conquerer of Judea and Prefect of the Guard, son of the next god..." and continued along that vein!

 on: Today at 05:27:08 pm 
Started by CAM - Last post by BiancasDad
I agree with your attribution. Also, looks like Greek_Delta to me.

 on: Today at 05:25:45 pm 
Started by Steve P - Last post by quadrans
Wow, great, Steve,   Thumbs Up

I hope, you spend some good day there... Wink Thumbs Up


 on: Today at 03:54:04 pm 
Started by kc - Last post by kc
Thank you very much.

The bimetallic Medaillons of Severus Alexander are very rare. This example is very nice though smoothed but most of the medaillons have been smoothed so it is not so bad.  This piece has a very high relief it looks incredible in hand. Maybe you have more informations about it. I am not sure if this medaillon was struck in 226 AD because there are small medaillons with Liberalitas "COS II" which were struck in 226 AD. This one has "COS III".

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