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Title: How to Nominate a Website For an Award (Rules Short Version)
Post by: Pep on May 15, 2005, 08:29:24 pm
How it works is that any member of the FORVM Classical Numismatics Discussion Board can nominate a website for a Standard Numismatic Excellence, Classical Studies or |Medieval Studies| Award by submitting its name and URL to one of the members of the Website Awards Nomination Committee below.  There is no limit on the number of sites you may submit.  You only need to send a Personal Message to one of us:

R.Smits (Magistratus Optima Lege):;sa=send;u=25440

SkySoldier (Comitia Curiata II):;sa=send;u=3487

Robert Brenchley (Comitia Curiata IX):;sa=send;u=405

Nicola Tammaro (Comitia Curiata):;sa=send;u=12279

Quadrans (Comitia Curiata):;sa=send;u=21252

otlichnik (Comitia Curiata):;sa=send;u=7774

FORVM members must hold a rank of Legionary or above to nominate a website. New FORVM members aren't allowed to send Personal Messages, and therefore cannot send the nomination to a committee member. If you are a new member and would like to nominate a site, a small bit of participation in the discussion boards will elevate you to the rank of Legionary. (At the time of this posting, a mere five posts on the FORVM discussion board can secure you the rank of Legionary, enabling you to send private messages to other FORVM members and nominate websites for an award.

Commercial sites are only eligible if they also have content of educational value.  Business aspects such as stock, prices, etc. are not considered and the Award will not be an endorsement of such.  However, the site's stated customer service policies (lifetime guarantee, reasonable return policy if not satisfied, etc.) do have to be decent in order for the site to be eligible for an Award.  Yet, the Award will still not be an official endorsement of such.  Sites that are only search engines or collections of links are not eligible.  There must be relevant information on the sites themselves such as original content, public domain reprints, and/or articles/information/images submitted or permitted by the owners of said intellectual property.  As of 3/12/07, personal coin galleries are ineligible (previous Recipients are grandfathered).

The Committee member who receives your nomination will review it for the proper criteria and, if satisfied, will share it with the Committee.  If it passes Committee approval, then the Chairperson will start the public poll for it.  Each site will have its own approval poll (yes or no) which is non-competitive in nature.  Therefore, all sites running at a certain time can win if the public approves of them all.  Each poll is two weeks long.  If a site receives a majority of "yes" votes at the end of the two weeks, then it gets the Award.

At the end of each year, there is an annual program for all past Numismatic Excellence Award Recipients that display the Award logo.  Rules and Candidates are posted at the time of that program.

The complete "Rules for the Awards" can be found here:

Thank You,

The Forvm Website Awards Nomination Committee